Question screen flashing black - driver problem? card problem?


Jan 17, 2009
I am running Windows 10 and have verified this problem does not occur on Windows 7 by using dual boot.

I have an RX 570. The problem first occurred when I updated to the latest AMD drivers, but since it started I haven't been able to get rid of it - I tried downgrading to several other driver versions.

The issue is difficult to explain - there are just strange flashing anomalies I have never experienced before. the only thing I have been able to verify as always repeatable is the screen "flashes" black when going to full screen from windowed mode, when opening videos, and when going from full screen back to windowed mode when closing videos. So it's something about that transition to/from full screen that is triggering the issue most of the time.

I have also had the occasional flash during gaming but can't pin it down to anything. The other day my whole system locked up during one of these screen flashes and I got an eternally spinning cursor and had to reboot.

This problem is so maddening I'm almost considering reverting to Windows 7 again! Another thing I noticed when testing on 7 is videos load slower and it seems much more clunky on Windows 10 than on Windows 7. Have no idea why that is, but I expected 10 would be faster.

Thanks for your help
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