Dec 2, 2008

I have a question if I put my OS on one SDD and then put my games on a different SDD would they run the EXACT same speed as if I put the games on the same SDD ? What I am asking is does having them all on the same SDD affect speeds at all ? Like does the computer talk to the os then grab the game and because its on the same SDD it doesn't have to travel as far to get them ? or doesn't that not make a difference and its all based on the speed of the SDD itself ?.

Thanks for the help !!!


Mar 8, 2012
Actually in the case of SSD's, larger SSD's tend to perform slightly better than smaller SSD's. In most cases its best to buy 1 large SSD over 2 smaller SSD's since the larger one will perform better.

This has to do with the fact that larger SSD's have larger bandwidths.

To answer the OP's actual question though. If you already own two SSD's it shouldn't matter if you run the games from a different SSD to your OS or not.

You might see a performance increase if you fool around with RAID but that is more complicated and probably not worth it. The optimal situation would have been to buy 1 large SSD in the first place but to be honest I doubt the difference is really that big of a deal and with two SSD's you have more flexibility regarding moving your data to a new system etc among other things.


Mar 29, 2012

Very true. RAID will more than make up for it in read speeds (which don't change much with capacity), but you may drop some write speed especially in a 2x64 GB vs 1x128 GB setup, although a 2x128 GB will likely beat a 1x256 GB setup in most configurations.