Secure All The Things: AT&T, IBM, Others Form IoT Cybersecurity Alliance

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Mar 26, 2012
First a Barbie doll mattress, or toilet have no business who so ever being connected to the Internet. NONE. ZERO reason.

Second, Google can't ensure timely security updates for all android phones. The only way to get the latest security fixes is to buy a new phone with the latest version of Andoird.

If the resources won't be invested to timely update $200+ smartphones there is no way resources will be spent to fix a $50 networked Coffee maker.
Google can do timely security updates, its getting to the phone OEM and then the phone carrier that slows or ignories the update.

Very true that no company cares about doing updates after they have your money. Once startup company gets you to buy their "smart home" gadget they in zero way care about your network security. In most cases the devices have to be designed to provide gapping holes into your network, this way the user can go on not even knowing the router has a configuraiton web page, let alone what any of it means.
Not open for further replies.