Sell laptop and build my own pc or trade for this custom build?


Jan 9, 2018
Hi yall,
I have an Asus TUF505DU that I got 3 months ago, but I really prefer having a desktop so I'm considering selling it or trading it for this build (the GPU is actually an "Aorus GTX 1080 REV 2.0, but the MSI in this link is the closest I could find)
(he's also throwing in a logitech g213 keyboard and an asus 144hz 1ms monitor)

Should I jump on this? I was thinking of selling my laptop for as much as I could get and building my own, but this seems like it might be a good option - plus I suck at building my own, although I have.

The only thing making me hesitant is the use he might have put into it and reliability of the GPU assuming its been used for a while. The trader is from offerup and needs a laptop because he's moving for work...he has 30 5 star ratings and "seems" legit.

Should I trade or sell/build my own? I'd appreciate any input, unfortunately I'm not the best at assessing this sort of stuff.


My recommendation is to build your own.

Even though you may have had problems (?) in the past with doing so, I very much would expect that you learned from those problems.

Building a PC is not hard per se. It takes time, patience, attention to detail, and maybe some luck. Some guy named Murphy is always about....

Overall if you go online and read "how-to's" or tutorials you will learn more about what needs to be done and how it should be done. But do not go on just any one given posting or video. There are some not so good postings - even to the point of being wrong.

Read the documentation for all components - several times if necessary.

Put together your own build plan. Step by step, detail by detail. Leave nothing unanswered either in your mind or procedurally.

Take the path that gives you the most options and control. Acknowledge/recognize that things could go wrong through some error of omission or commission on your part. You will not be the first to have that happen.

At least that is "you". Not "him".

"You" is simpler than "him".