Question Selling My Old Prebuilt PC For New PC Funds.

Feb 19, 2019
Alright guys, so im thinking of upgrading my pc. My budget is around $900 - $1000 and i already have a bit of the money. I still need a large chunk however. I was thinking I could get some from my old prebuilt PC. I bought it at Best Buy about 2 years ago and it works pretty well. Im just getting into more graphically intense games and considering VR.

The PC in question is a Lenovo Ideacentre 710-25ISH Desktop. Its Specs are as follows:

EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SSC (was a GTX 730 but ive upgraded it)
Intel 2.7GHz i5-6400 Quad-Core
Some Generic 8GB DDR4-2133 RAM
Some Generic Lenovo Motherboard
250 watt power supply (I know yikes but its lasted up until now so ¯\(ツ)/¯)
1 Tb Hard Drive
Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

Im just wondering if its even worth trying to sell and if it is how much do you guys think i could sell it for? Thank you guys for any replies. :)