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  1. J

    Question - How do I ship used PC components?

    I am selling some of my components to upgrade my PC. How would I ship, for example, the motherboard? I no longer have the box for it, so am selling the board itself, I/O cover, manual and driver disc. If I intend to ship in a cardboard box, what do I wrap the board in to protect it as much as...
  2. A

    Question How much should I sell my gaming PC for? The link contains second hand component parts, not too sure if they are very accurate but most of them are I think. Any advice on how to sell it or at what price would be appreciated.
  3. V

    How much is my laptop worth?

    Hi, So i was planning on selling my gaming laptop i have but i was just wondering what a reasonable price for it would be? Its around a year old an was originaly bought for €1,300. Any help is appreciated. Specs: MSI Leopard Pro Core Intel i7-7700HQ Gtx 1060 8gb RAM 1Tb HDD 128Gb SSD...
  4. T

    Question Selling My Old Prebuilt PC For New PC Funds.

    Alright guys, so im thinking of upgrading my pc. My budget is around $900 - $1000 and i already have a bit of the money. I still need a large chunk however. I was thinking I could get some from my old prebuilt PC. I bought it at Best Buy about 2 years ago and it works pretty well. Im just...
  5. D

    Help setting up Pre-wired Ethernet in home

    I've combed posts trying to figure this out and decided to wave the white flag and ask for some help. We've used wifi in the home we've moved into for over a year. But now that I have a new computer built, I'd like to connect it directly to my office ethernet port as the wifi signal in there is...
  6. D

    CPU reaching 100% usage on high end games.

    I was wondering what I could do to lower the load on my CPU when playing high end games like Rainbow Six Seige or Battlefield V my cpu goes up and stays at 90-100% usage but the temperature only goes up to 65-72C. I have had the PC for 2 years but I just upgraded the PSU to a Corsair CX650 and...
  7. G

    EVGA SC 980ti and i7-2600

    Low fps on most games even on low settings, I do not seem to think it is bottlenecking my CPU. I see posts around that even if you put a 1080ti on i7 2600 it still wouldn't or a slight bottleneck but wouldn't make a difference. still, I don't think it's my power supply that's the problem, I have...
  8. B

    is this psu good for this system?

    Corsair CX Series 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Modular Power Supply (CP-9020101-NA) i3 8100 gtx 1060 6gb ram 2x 4gb ddr4 1 hhd 500 gb 1 ssd 240 gb 1 case fan mobo: b360 ds3h
  9. L

    [SOLVED] How can I make a parallel printer wireless?

    Yes, that's right, I have a parallel printer! It's for my business that I inherited when I purchased the business. Unfortunately, it doesn't have USB on it. I would like it to work on the network again, with the least amount of effort. Can I convert the parallel to USB, then connect it to...
  10. K

    What would be the best GPU to go alongside the Ryzen 5 1500X?

    Looking to upgrade my GPU sometime in the future (GTX 1050). Just wondering what the best card would be that wouldn't bottleneck my CPU?
  11. T

    Problem/Question with System Reserved

    So, basically, I got on my PC today only to have drive problems. My old hard drive from 5-6 years ago is finally going out. So I thought no big deal, I'll just back it up and take out my old hard drive and be done with it instead of fooling with it and trying to fix an old drive that...
  12. F

    I5 3340 vs i7 3770

    Hey guys I have GALAX GTX 1060 3GB can anyone tell me FPS difference in gaming between i5 3340 and i7 3770 In games that uses high graphics ?
  13. C

    Acer Predator 300 shuts down

    My laptop keeps shutting down randomly, and at times I have trouble getting it to boot up. I can tap the space bar and it will start to boot then shut right back off. However, I can tap the space bar and it will boot all the way until I stop tapping the space bar. Any ideas on this? Power button...
  14. R

    What's the best monitor for gaming with GTX 1070 Ti?

    Guys, I changed my MSI GTX 970 for a MSI GTX 1070 Ti last month and I also thinking of buying a new monitor. This is my rig: Intel Core i5 4690K @ 4.6Ghz MSI Z97 Gaming 7 16GB (4x4) G.Skill Sniper 2133Mhz MSI GTX 1070Ti 480GB SSD SanDisk 2000GB HDD Seagate My monitor is an AOC 21" 60Hz IPS I...
  15. R

    Graphics card requires constant driver reinstall

    I have a 5 month old system, specs as follows. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (not overclocked) MSI B350 Mortar Arctic Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming 8GB 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3000MHz Seasonic M12II 520W Power supply 1 Western Digital 120GB SSD 2 Seagate 1 TB Mechanical Drives All is well for the first few...
  16. TurtleXIII

    Computer won't turn on after a week and a half of use

    So I just built the computer beginning of april. (Asus ROG Z370 motherboard) It's been completely fine (besides I messed up the USB 3.0 connector on the motherboard, that's the only known issue). I've been doing everything on it past week and a half, it hasn't had any problems. I also made sure...
  17. deadmaufive

    Is there anywhere selling 1080 ti's at least close to MSRP

    Title says it all. I'm looking for any reliable store selling these for at least close to MSRP, not +$400. Does anyone know where I can find them? or am I purely SoFL?
  18. M

    Power Supply : FX 750 (KEEP OUT BRAND)

    a friend told me that my FX 750 W ) is bad for the pieces that im going to have , the new specs are: I7 7700K 16 GB RAM (2400mhz) GTX 1060 MSI 6G Asus PRIME B250-PRO
  19. T

    Which PSU should i buy?

    Hi, I have $ 50 CAD to spend on a PSU. I'm certainly by no means an expert on PSUs but here are the ones I found:
  20. M

    Computer turns on fine, but after windows logo monitor goes blank

    Issue: I was playing South Park Fractured But Whole and suddenly my monitors went out. My main monitor went completely white with black vertical lines going down and my second monitor went completely blue and a loud noise came out from the speakers and the...