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  1. E

    Whats this on my connectors

    Its a black box connecting thwm together
  2. A

    do cyberpowerpcs come stock with 8 and 6 pinn for your graphics cards

    do you get an 8 and 6 pinn stock with a cyberpowerpc to attach your graphics card
  3. Tornik

    Choosing UPS for gaming rig

    I'm in the process of finishing my new gaming rig build and I want to make sure whether my current UPS would be enough for ¬5 minute shutdown time in case of power outage. My rig: The UPS I currently have is the TrippLite AVR Series 230V 750VA 450W If...
  4. D

    GTX 970 Lawsuit

    The lawsuit for the gtx 970 went through in December I believe and I bought 2 of them so filed to get my 60$. I was wondering if anyone knew when I can expect to actually get the money from the suit? If anyone is not sure what I am speaking of:
  5. TheKaptain

    Buying more ram question about compatiability

    I bought my pc a while ago when I didn't know too much about what I was doing and didn't take the time to do any research. I used iBuyPower and picked some good parts, its been a couple years and I'm looking to upgrade. I know I'll be getting a 1070, however along with that I would like to...
  6. K

    720p doesn't work on any game

    When I select 720p their is a thin black bar at the bottom and the sides and top corners are off the screen, why is this happening?it's very annoying as it's the most suitable resolution for my pc but I cant use it ...
  7. P

    please help me

    Hi, my current rig is: gigabyte 970a ds3p mobo sapphire r9 380 2gb dual x 8gb ram amd fx 6300. im planning to upgrade the gpu to xfx rx480 8gb gtr. would that be a good choice? my main game is battlefield 1. thanks
  8. kcarbotte

    Virtuix Cancels Omni Pre-Orders Outside US, Says International Shipments 'Unfeasible'

    Virtuix hit an unfortunate roadblock with international shipments of its highly-anticipated virtual reality treadmill, Omni, which forced the company to discontinue its plans to sell the Omni outside of the U.S. Virtuix Cancels Omni Pre-Orders Outside US, Says International Shipments...
  9. D

    Mobo not responding

    s testing a different monitor to see if it works, and unplugged the power to the PC by accident when disconnecting the monitor. Now the PC turns on but the keyboard doesn't turn on, and the monitor says "check video cable". I think maybe the mobo short circuited or something since nothing I plug...
  10. Computers Taste Like Metal

    UGRENT - Messed UP Audio drivers!

    So today I wanted to try the new battlefield beta but in order to do so I needed to update my drivers, I eventually was able to and had no issues but then I realized my mic wasn't working. I updated the whole list of drivers, including HDMI audio drivers. I can hear sound perfectly clear but...
  11. H

    Problems with fps and graphics

    So I have finally build my first pc. I have I7-6700k, gtx 1070 and 16gb of ram. I can easily play witcher 3 on ultra and get 60 fps. Today I tried to play assassin's Creed syndicate and it automatically set it to low settings so I changed it on ultra high but when I tried to play I got massive...
  12. ajsski99

    Looking to upgrade Mobo, CPU and RAM. Whats my best bet?

    Hiya, i am looking to upgrade the core components of my gaming PC. however, I am unsure of what to upgrade to. i will be playing games like BeamNG, Fallout 4 (Heavily modded) No mans sky etc at 1440p. My current GPU is a Zotac AMP Omega gtx 970. I am not going to be spending tons of money on...
  13. R

    Scanning Devices...No Device Found!

    On my Asus desktop (running windows 7), I just installed MS VS community, which required a restart. On restart, I noticed the startup stopped at the black screen with blinking underscore. After waiting a while (seems to be endless), I restarted the computer to see "Scanning for devices...No...
  14. Mastersaofan

    Secure computing UPS 3000VA UPS

    Hi, does anyone have information about this brand of UPS? I bought it already but Im worried that its really not a reliable brand since not much info is available online. My fault for not doing research 1st but it was the only UPS that has a 3000VA which I needed for my work. Any info about it...
  15. A

    Can't Use My Second Hard Drive on Windows 10

    So i recently reformatted my computer from 32 bit to 64 bit windows 10, this required a full reformat, yet there is still memory being used on both of my hard drives as well as it not letting me access my second hard drive. i went into disk manager and it acknowledges the hard drive being there...
  16. A

    [URGENT]My computer will have 'missing os' when I load my recovery disk on my HP compaq windows 7 32 bit laptop

    I cleaned my hard drive- completely wiped- and when i opened up the computer again, it said 'Missing operating system.' Then I made a recovery disk from my other windows 7 computer, and I was taken to the system recovery thing. I was excited, I thought I could make it work! However, I wasn't...
  17. A

    I7 4770K or I5 6600k

    Hi guys, Looking to do my first build in about 10 years so a bit behind the time. I had my heart set on a i5 6600k, but I have seen a good deal on a i7 4770K I would primarily be gaming but also coding and a bit of video editing. My question is do I go for the Haswell or the Skylake? I am...
  18. K

    Cheap gaming pc with future expandability

    Hi im hoping to build a gaming pc in September ik it's a very long time from now but it can't hurt to have a idea of what i want that being a gaming pc around 350£ i think my main focus is future expandability with the pc still being decent being able to run game such as dota csgo maybe even bf4...
  19. R

    How Much GPU Do i need

    Doing my first build\rebuild keeping my old case and i currently have settled on and i would like to know based on my monitor if i go with an R9 380 4gb if im going to see major game performance decrease or if im spending 100$ on a GPU being bottlenecked by my...
  20. T

    Move to intel or stick with new AM3+?

    I need to upgrade my motherboard. My current ASUS Sabertooth 990fx 2.0 is prematurely slowing down a bit and I'd like something new. I've seen new AM3+ motherboards from ASUS and MSI and they look pretty good, but should I spend a bit more cash and go intel instead? Current setup is an...
  21. J

    Z170-A USB Ports Powered On After Shutdown

    Hi Everyone, On my ASUS Z170-A, I've noticed that there is still power on the USB and Ethernet port after a system shutdown. For example, the LED on my mouse are still lit after I power off my system. Does anyone know the BIOS setting to disable that feature? I would like to conserve energy...
  22. N

    How do i use 2 pc with single monitor?

    Hi mate, I have 2 PC. PC1 = VGA PC2 = HDMI & Display Port Monitor = VGA & HDMI I want to know is there any way to use 2 PC with One monitor without any hardware module?
  23. B

    Audio for notifications but nothing else?

    Been having this issue with speakers plugged into my system. The problem occurs with both the front and rear audio jacks. Audio plays for system notifications but not for anything else. Youtube, games and other system sounds are all silent. Oddly enough, audio works perfectly when headphones...
  24. supashaka

    Does a mains extension cable mean slower charging via USB plug?

    I understand the thinner the internal wires in a USB cable (the AUG), the more resistance there is meaning slower charging. Also the longer the cable, the more the resistance. So the lower number AUG (eg. 24AUG) the larger the potential for faster charging. But does that mean if I plug the...
  25. J

    Budget Gaming PC suggestions and help

    Hey guys I put this gaming build together and was wondering what you guys think and if there are any changes I should make to it for better performance. I was also wondering if everything will work well together. I already have the OS by the way. Thanks in advance!
  26. S

    Looking to get a pc for gaming and would really like some help! My budget is around $400 for everything I need.

    I wanna get into pc gaming yet only have $400 budget and no moniter. Really want to play games like arma3 and dayz.
  27. N

    PC wont show bios on TV (panasonic viera)

    I'm not a computer expert but i usually do google search... on this case, it isn't helping... I have a PC which i usually connect to a panasonic viera (Panasonic Smart TV Viera TH-L32E5GW) via HDMI. I have been doing so for 1 semester... the problem is that unlike my previous monitor (samsung)...
  28. Holy_snacks

    Best Graphic Card for $350 and below

    What are good graphics cards for under 350 dollars it doesn't matter if its nvidia or amd. Thank you :)
  29. C

    Can I connect a USB optical drive to the USB port of the RT-68 router and watch a movie disk?

    Can I connect a USB optical drive to the USB port of the RT-68 router and watch a movie disk in that drive on any wirelessly-connected laptop? Would be very handy now that the laptops don't have internal drives and not everything is available via streaming.
  30. K

    Installed Second Hard Drive won't work

    My first hard drive that has always been installed on the computer was getting full(only 250 GB) So I decided to purchase a second internal hard drive (1TB). After I received it and connected it to my computer a whole problem happened where I believe I marked the new Hard Drive's partition as...
  31. C

    What should I upgrade?

    This is the build that i've been using for the past two years for editing. PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212...
  32. P

    My cpu recently got hotter :p

    Hello i once in a while try and stress test my cpu and it looks like its getting hotter than usual, last time i check its temperature was in the kinda winter and it was around 20c~ idle and stress testing it was at 60~ max So i stress tested it again and for some reason it went all the way up to...
  33. D

    Radeon HD 5770 Upgrade

    Looking at a new graphics card to upgrade to from my old HD 5770. Have up to £150 (Approx $235) to spend. Looking to use under Windows 10 so maybe a new R9 300 series or a GTX 900 series card? Not too bothered about really hi-res gaming or full AA features etc but a good frame rate for the...
  34. kellemdros

    Will a i7 920 OC 4ghz bottleneck a GTX 970 SLI?

    As the title says, thanks for the answers.
  35. M

    Constant Ping Spikes

    I've been having an issue for a while now where my ping would constantly spike from an average of 20 ms to 500 ms every 5 seconds or so. I attempted to troubleshoot the problem by opening up cmd and typing the following in ping -t which would yield the following Pinging with 32...
  36. A

    Sound Card Needed

    I have a Edifier S530 2.1 Multimedia Speaker but it performs not good :( If i use a sound card then its perform better or not ? Which sound card is better for Edifier S530 2.1 Multimedia Speaker ?
  37. H

    whats the different between a server motherboard and a normal motherboard?

    whats the different between a server motherboard and a normal motherboard? Will I be able to use it as a computer?
  38. G

    How do I sell water to neighbors in SimCity 2013?

    Like the title says, how do I do this? When I click on the water icon in region mode it states that there is no water to buy, but nothing about selling. I have a neighboring city that needs water so how do I sell it to them?
  39. S

    can i overclock g3258 on ga b85 d3h not on ds3h

    hi friends this my 2nd thread on this site and this is my another cheaper bulid for my small brother and i want to know that can i overclock that cpu on that
  40. OutlawKing

    Choosing which OS to boot from on bootup

    How do I get windows to startup where I can choose which OS I want to use. It was like that before I installed another SSD it would let my choose which volume aka OS I want to boot?? I have Asus maximus VII hero BIOS