Sempron 3000+ Temperature


Jan 19, 2005
The computer is using a Sempron 3000+,Asus A7V400-MX, first started it up with stock heatsink and just the thermal pad (someone put that part together, not I). Noticed that the temperature was running at 50 Cel idle in the BIOS. Then put on a Thermaltake Volcano V8 Silent Boost heatsink and it is idleing at around 47 Celcius. The case is running at around 27C. There are 5 80mm case fans, 2 in the back, 2 in the front, 1 on the side.

Do Semprons normally run this hot? Or could this be a defective chip?

The only thing to note is that the powersupply sits above the cpu heatsink, it has a 120mm fan on the bottom of it, so its facing the heatsink. Could that be a problem? However, I don't think so cause wouldnt it be helping? drawing all the hot air out of the cpu?

Comments and Questions are more than welcome


The chip only runs at 2ghz, so those temps are wrong.
Question is, is it the chip, or the sensor?
First place to look is what the chip voltage is. If the mobo thinks it's a tbred-A, it may be giving it 1.75 rather than the 1.65 it wants, needs.
When you have done benchmarking, what does the finger test say.
Can you get your hands on a digital thermometer?
One of the ones the nurses use in horspistols would be great, but an oral unit should work.
Is that 120mm fan working? It should be drawing 10 to 15 degrees of temp off the chip. Anyone who has a psu without one should change to a psu that does.