Sending External URL Links from NAS


Mar 1, 2012
ooking for a NAS to enable me to send links to customers allowing them to download individual zip files.

The zip files vary in size from 20MB to approximately 500Mb in size.

At the present time we FTP a zip file onto our website and send a direct url link to the zip file in an email. When they click on it, the file is downloaded.

The problem is we have upload each individual file to our server and then send the link. With 1.5TB of data it isn't possible for me financially to host this externally as we are getting stupid quotes to do this, along with the amount of time it would send to upload etc.

What I want to do is have the files hosted internally on a NAS where I can send a direct url link to our customers so that they can download the zip file.

The point of this is to save us time, so that we don’t have to keep uploading images etc. which is why I don’t want to have to keep creating usernames/passwords for people to access files.

Is it possible for me to store all my files on the NAS and then send a url link to the file?

If yes, can the NAS have a domain name assigned to it, and is it also possible to set it up so that it isn’t searched by google bots etc.?

Does any-body know of a NAS which can do this, and if they have one send me a test link to a dummy file to see how it works?