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Setting a centralized folder for all users in Win 7


Jun 2, 2008
I was wondering if it is possible to set a default or centralized folder in Win 7. Let me try to clarify: normally each user account in Windows will have a default "My Documents" folder, and in that folder there is the "My Pictures" folder. Since pictures are the most common type of files that are updated in my system what I ususally end up with is a whole mess of duplicate picture files from each user in my system and this makes for a very difficult and space eating problem when it is time to back up files. Is it possible then to set a folder (preferrably on a dedicated file HDD) to become the default picture folder for all users so that whenever a new batch of pictures are uploaded they will always go to the same folder/HDD? I know there is the default "Shared" folder in Windows but this is created in the HDD where the OS resides. I would prefer to have it on a separate HDD so whenever I have to re-format or re-install the OS I don't have to worry (too much) about making duplicate backup files

On a related query: is it possible to set all user "my document" folders on a separate HDD for the same reason as given above?


Mar 4, 2008
Yes it is possible. First You create a folder where You want it to be. Go to my pictures folder , click on properties, select location tab, then press move and choose the folder where You want it to go. Do it from each user account linking to same folder. You might need to change permissions after that to allow access for all users. There might be easier way but I don't know.


Oct 22, 2008
on the folder you are using to hold al these images, right click and select properties, select security tab, and select edit, and then add - then enter - everyone - and select check names, then ok, make sure it has full control ticked and you're done..


My Pictures is no longer in My Documents... hasn't been since Vista... they are all separate folders now. As Jack suggested, you can simply create any folder you like (the root would be the best place) and save all your files there.

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