Question Shipped PC abroad, now not booting when GPU is installed.


Apr 10, 2016
Hey guys,

I just shipped my PC abroad as I'm moving country and i've run into an issue trying to set it up after it arrived at my new address.

As I booted up the PC, my keyboard and mouse do not light up, and there is no display on the monitor. It says "no signal".

When I unplug my GPU, then my keyboard and mouse do receive power, yet when I plug it into the PCIe port, it says "no signal".

I'm not able to try any of the other 2 PCIe ports because my GPU doesnt fit into those as it is very big and is obstructed by part of the motherboard.

My GPU is a MSI r9 290x Lighting and my motherboard is a MSI Z87 Mpower board,

Any help?


Did you ship it assembled?

General rule of thumb is to remove the CPU cooler and GPU from systems before shipping. Or, get the self inflating foam packaging bags and shove that in the computer and shut the side panel.

If you have physically damaged something, not much anyone can do.

Just to test, remove the motherboard from the chassis and try the other slots. That will at least tell you if the GPU or the motherboard is damaged. While you are at it, try re-seating the CPU. If you left the cooler on as well it could have knocked the CPU off its pins (Intel).
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