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  1. seagullrocck

    Question Is my graphics driver broken or is it the screen itself ?

    I recently noticed that the screen of my Acer Nitro 5 2019 laptop has been acting weird. Just below my taskbar, there's a fine black line across the screen that flickers. I tried updating my discrete driver but it didn't do anything. I tried scanning using the command prompt but it said that...
  2. Question GPU fan getting crazy Gigabyte RTX 3070

    Hello ! One of my fan on my RTX 3070 is litterally going crazy, up to 6000rpm, while the others are fine, does anyone have a clue on what is happening ? I was playing Ride 4 today, and suddenly it started to go crazy, like for no particular reason except maybe temperature ? I mean, it's 34°C...
  3. lilgenski16

    Question Next Suggested Upgrade

    Hello Everyone! I have a fairly modern and acceptable system. I was just curious as to peoples suggestion of the most viable/appropriate upgrade that I should look to aim for in my system. Current Specs: Intel I5 9600k (Stock) Hyper 212 Evo MSI Z390a Pro Motherboard 16GB Gddr4 Corsair...
  4. T

    Question Graphics card for the best video editing experience

    Hi, Currently, I am using Dell Inspiron 3593. I have downloaded the InShot APK from its official website to edit videos as a freelancer. But while editing videos on it, Graphics stuck. Should I change the Graphics Card? Which Graphics Card will be the best for video editing?
  5. Y

    Question New GPU Power Surge in Games

    Hi, Bought a brand new GPU recently. When playing heavy games - the PC shut downs with surge being detected. In light games the pc doesn't shut down. GPU - 3060 PSU - 750W (more than enough for 3060) Mobo - Asus with anti-surge protection
  6. J

    Question Motherboard's VGA light stays white, cannot detect GPU.

    I built this PC a month ago and it's been working fine, but after removing the GPU to put some new fans in I noticed this issue more, but normally reseating the card fixed it. Today however after seating an additional fan, I can't it to be recognized at all. I've spent the last hour reseating...
  7. M

    Question My RX 570 isn't getting proper wattage ?

    I downloaded MSI Afterburner and I have noticed that my RX 5704gb ( ) only pulls in 60-90w while gaming on any game. All of my games however run fine except Fortnite. There are times...
  8. madartzgraphics

    Question Gigabyte RX 5500 XT not accepting any driver, whether it's old or new ?

    So title is self explanatory my distant friend have a Gigabyte 5500XT 8GB running at x8 3.0 (which i understand is naturally what's the default for it) which do not accept any kind of GPU driver installation. Here's what we tried: we've tried DDU-ing each and every uninstall and reinstall...
  9. E

    Question GPU behaves weirdly after repaste ?

    To start with, I want to state that before doing any of this, my GPU was perfectly fine, with no odd behavior whatsoever. I've recently bought a used graphics card (yes, I know) as my previous one had died and I obviously needed a replacement since I couldn't live with a gt 730. Despite it...
  10. Question Are those screen artifacts caused by my Vram dying/overheating?? PLEASE HELP!!

    Hey guys, pls bare with me. I started FH5 premium edition yesterday (came from FH4 UE) but I had random crashes the whole game more than I drink water lol, game freezes for few secs then crashes without any errors, also I notices those screen artifacts in screen shots (recorded with shadowplay)...
  11. Waterflopper

    Question I have feeling my pc isn't running as it should.

    I have a 3070 and a ryzen 5 5600x but when i play warzone i get like 50 fps on a settings other people use to get 150 fps with the same specs. anyway anyone knows what to do?
  12. F

    Question GPU not outputting display signal ?

    I own a system that I've had for roughly a year now, bought prebuilt, used. Has had 1 or 2 hiccups but otherwise worked perfectly. Recently have been doing more intensive tasks such as recording VALORANT at 1080p 60fps, which has run fine for about a month. A few days ago I tabbed out of an...
  13. ElmesSG

    Question My GPU crashes my whole system only when getting into load

    Hello, ive been having some weird issues with my GPU. Whenever i get into load my GPU just crashes instantly, i can either be any gaming load (it doesnt happen in the menus or anything like that but it happens when the game actually loads) and any stress test (tried with OCCT it crashes on both...
  14. Xeon z600

    Question Graphics card upgrade for HP Z600 ?

    I have an HP Z600 with Xeon CPU and I want to upgrade my graphics card. Which card suits best for Xeon ? Currently I have Quadro 4000 which is not good for games. I want to use my PC for both work and games. Plzz guide
  15. DM_DJ

    Build Advice Upgrade path for 1440p gaming.

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: End of April BUDGET RANGE: $600 Before / After Rebates USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: MSI 1060 6gb Gaming and Corsair RM 850 OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor CPU Cooler: NZXT...
  16. T

    Question Updating old system

    Hello all :) So I am thinking about trying to update my system. Everything besides the SSD are all about 9 years old( could be older i dont remember). I was wondering (best bang for the buck) which new motherboard, CPU, and graphics card(and maybe a new monitor if we can squeeze it in) should...
  17. A

    Question Gigabyte RX 6600 Eagle or Colorful iGame RTX 3050 Ultra W

    Good day, i was wondering which would be a better buy. They are similarly priced with RX 6600 costing $20 more ($420). I know the RX 6600 performs better than RTX 3050 but, I'm also considering the build quality of the Colorful RTX 3050 which i believe is better than Gigabyte RX 6600 (thicker...
  18. tuckertheguy12

    Question Dead GTX 590

    I recently came into possession of a non-working GTX 590, you know the deal no video but fan spins. Visually the card is great however it's pretty clear it's been taken apart before due to how easy the screws came out, a few heads were almost stripped, and it looks as if the BIOS sticker has...
  19. F

    Question White screen on game startup ?

    I have read multiple other threads on this and gathered that my gpu is not overheating, it never gets over 50c nor does my CPU. I completely wiped gpu drivers and reinstalled in safe mode, and it still happens, when I open games they are fine until i play for about 30 seconds my pc white...
  20. I

    Question XFX RX580 doesn`t work properly after reassembling

    Hi, I disassembled my xfx rx580 from the guard to its fan blades in order to clean them with standard tools. but after reassembling the graphics card and running pes 2021, the metrics overlay shows 500fps and 90deg temperature in the main menu and the pc turns off after 1 minute!!! this thing...
  21. T

    Question Asus TUF 3070 Ti?

    My 1080 gtx bricked out, so I decided to look for a 3070. I came across a good deal (at least I think so) for a Asus TUF 3070 Ti from MicroCenter for $730. MY current mobo is an Asus Prime Z370-A and was wondering if this is going to be an issue since the 3070 ti is PCIE 4.0X16. Also, are the...
  22. R

    [SOLVED] GPU fans ramp up then quickly slow down ?

    When I play games, my gpu fans ramp up loudly and slows down quickly every couple seconds or so. It doesn't do this until I start running any games (Elden Ring, God of War, Valorant, League, etc.). After I quit my games, it starts doing the same thing even when idle. The problem seems to go away...
  23. ZenSunnyDuck

    [SOLVED] Should I use 2 x 6+2 or the one that came with the power supply?

    I have the ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC LHR 12GB for my graphics card and my PSU is the Corsair RMX series 850x watt. For my extension cables I have the asiahorse 18 awg psu extensions. For my case I have the Corsair 465x case. I wanted to make my pc have a white design and these...
  24. G_Xnm

    Question GTX 1060 6GB is underperforming a lot ?

    So basically I am fully out of ideas. My Asus Dual gtx 1060 6gb OC model is Using a average load of 50 watts in load in some extremely heavy loads the max I seen is 66 watts. In idle it stays steady in 39 to 40 watts. The problem with the low wattage usage is that I cant even play games or what...
  25. E

    [SOLVED] Monitoring Software For a 3070 Ti?

    I recently got a new Evga GeForce RTX 3070 Ti FTW3, and I'm wondering if there's some software akin to MSI Afterburner, which I used for my old RX580? Some sort of monitoring software where I'm able to see temps and such? I saw something called Evga Precision but honestly it looked a little...
  26. Q

    Question 3080TI shuts off monitors

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping for some kind of help here at Tom's hardware, since I have been on the hunt for an answer to my problem for a while now, regardless, any help is highly appreciated! My problem is my graphics card, and the graphics card i'm talking about is the following: GIGABYTE...

    [SOLVED] Is this power supply good enough?

    Hi! I built a pc sometime ago and now I am thinking of upgrading it. I am currently using a GT 1030 and thinking of upgrading it to an RTX 3060 triple fan 12 GIG. I calculated my power usage by Cooler Master's power supply wattage calculator and the required PSU wattage comes out to be 363...
  28. Ewan_Partridge

    Question nvidia control panel doesnt show sli config it only shows config surround, PhysX

    i have an IV formula motherboard with 2 gtx 780s but sli config isnt showing up in nvidia control panel
  29. Ewan_Partridge

    Question is a EVGA 600w psu enough for a gtx 780 in sli?

    hello in my pc i currenty have: amd fx 8350 16gb ddr3 1600mhz gtx 780 (soon to be sli) 450w psu(soon to be 600) i was wondering if 600w would cut it? (for sli)
  30. S

    Question I think My graphics card is broken

    i have this xfx rx 580 i used to mine Ethereum it was working fine now cuz of it is not giving much i wanted to game on it so i tried to swap it to a gaming motherboard z390 it is not giving a single sign of life fans are running graphics is picking up power and pc is showing display on its...
  31. JZ113

    Question PC screen turns black then restarts while playing games

    Upgraded my motherboard and cpu 4 weeks ago. While playing games, my pc would have the screen turn black, I lose audio to game immediately and then discord/YouTube 10 seconds later, then the system reboots. (This issue happens maybe once after every 1-2 hours while playing any random games...
  32. suamed

    Question GPU fan is On, but No display

    Hello, i have core i3 3240, 8 gb ram ddr3 665mhz, ECS H61H2-M12 Mobo, and HIS r7 240 gpu. Okay, Problem is, i plugged in my r7 240 and it got no display, but the fan is on. im using the vga cable, then change it to dvi-d but still no display. but, when i plugged the vga cable to the mobo, while...
  33. S

    Question multiple displays on dual or single graphics card

    hi guys i am looking for some help. I am Looking to connect 6 HDMI tv to one computer for my workplace. all displays will display same content. Can someone suggest best way to do this. I am currently using nvidia 970 which only has 4 outputs. I have used HDMI splitter but it only displays 2...
  34. B

    Question MSI Afterburner not showing GPU temp with rivaturner

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a MSI Sword 15. Everything is working well, except that when I try to monitory my GPU temp using MSI afterburner there is no option for that. At first it worked fine, in the monitor tab I found GPU 1 temp and selected it to monitor using rivaturner while gaming...
  35. [SOLVED] GPU connector damaged. Need some guidance.

    Hi. So, I was cleaning my GPU (MSI G X 1060 6G) and noticed that from the coolers side a wire was attached to the main board like this, and it's connector had 4 wires connected to a header, one of those was damaged/torn. Is it repairable ? Like out of these multi coloured wires say one was torn...
  36. J

    Question GTX 1060 no signal and there's corrosion on it's PCB ?

    A friend's Gigabyte GTX 1060 hasn't been displaying an output for a while now, despite the card's fans spinning on startup. The card has been tried in 2 computers, both to no avail, with different motherboards and PSUs respectively. In an attempt to solve the issue, I opened the card to access...
  37. F

    Question No sound on GTX 1050Ti

    Hi, today i installed a GTX1050ti in my pc, and quickly i realised that i dont have audio over hdmi port, im using old monitor so i use a hdmi to vga adapter.
  38. M

    Question Is "high performance NVIDIA processor" safe on laptop?

    Hi! I play valorant on my laptop, sometimes to rarely have fps drop. I'm planning to download LOL and somehow pass the min. req. needed. I thought that if I would set high-performance NVIDIA processor in nvidia control panel would increase my fps and lessen the lag if I play valorant or LOL but...
  39. LuciferCannibal

    Question Upgraded to the 6900xt, now getting stutters in games.

    Hey everyone, Im super stumped on this and I cannot find out the issue for the life of me. I recently brought the MSI 6900xt as an upgrade from the RTX 2080 Super, I used DDU and Revo uninstaller to completely get rid of anything Nvidia related so no clashes will happen. I played Resident Evil...
  40. Aryefos

    Question Uninstalled a gpu from a pc I'm no longer using and trying to install it to my other computer

    So I took out the functioning gpu from a computer that I no longer use, because it won't turn on anymore after a mishap with the power button and case, and I'm thinking of putting it into a tower I have that I've been using by uninstalling the old card that's in the tower. I'm going to remove...