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  1. A

    [SOLVED] I need some help with a 8 pin to PSU cable

    Hello! So I just bought a new graphics card: - It needs 2x 8 pin cables (I already have 1x 8 pin in my existing graphics card). I have a thermaltake toughpower grand series RGB 650 Watt PSU. I have...
  2. Prad_Bitt

    [SOLVED] GPU Artifacting with Instant Replay?

    Hi guys, I have a GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X 8G. Everything on my screen starts to artifact (entire windows) while after I turn on Instant Replay from GeForce Experience. Sometimes it may take 1 hour, sometimes 8 hours. It goes away immediately though if I turn off Instant...
  3. Killerspoon

    Question Circuitry Troubleshooting on a 2080, All useful information is helpful.

    I work 12-hour shift so i decided to teach myself how to repair GPUs, i have all the basic tools i need for it (soldering, heat gun, etc). I am extremely new at troubleshooting and repairing GPUs. I have a EVGA 2080 XC Gaming (current working card used as reference), and 2 Palit 2080 Dual...
  4. H

    Question Graphics card doesn't output

    so, i bought this old graphic's card and am trying to use it on my system, but it doesn't output. drivers are installed, the interface is correct and it was working correctly till yesterday. it shows on device manager, but doesn't output to my monitor
  5. L

    Question ReBAR not enabled in BIOS when it is?

    I meet all requirements to use ReBAR except having it on in BIOS when i do. I used GPU-Z to check. I updated my BIOS to the latest on the website, I updated my drivers, i turned on ReBAR Support in my BIOS. My specs are GPU: MSI 3070 gaming X trio CPU: Intel I5-12600k RAM:32 GB 3600mhz...
  6. L

    Question Likely Retail Price A770 in Europe?

    i see the MSRP will be 330~ dollars in America but i doubt it will be that price in europe specially because it will be sold for more here most likely. Does anyone have any idea what the pricing could be?
  7. R

    Question Is my GPU fully plugged in? (been trying to figure out for WEEKS)

    Hey there! For a couple of weeks now I've been trying to figure out whether my GPU is fully plugged in or not... The reason why I never really tried re-plugging it is because my friend helped me build it as I'm not experienced with that type of stuff, except I was the one that (barely) installed...
  8. Z

    [SOLVED] Will my HP Pavilion 15 ec0xx support the AOC C24G1A monitor?

    Hello, I am looking for some advice: I have an HP Pavilion 15-ec0xx laptop with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (Not Ti) graphics card. The laptop has an HDMI 2.0 port (from what I was able to infer), and the current screen is 1920x1080 at 60hz. Would my laptop support the AOC C24G1A monitor and...
  9. O

    Question Gpu fans stuck at 50

    Hi, so I've had a problem with my system recently. I was playing some games yesterday and everything was going smoothly. I noticed that there were new Nvidia drivers so I decided to download them. After downloading I started noticing weird problems. First of all my GPU fan curve that I had set...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Weird stuff happening to pc (Display turns off after a while, time varies)

    So a weird thing happened to my PC lately. At first, my PC froze, (literally locked) so I forced restarted it. Now my PC goes into boot for 1 second to 2 seconds, turns of, and repeats (doesn't POST, doesn't BIOS) it just goes on and off and on for an interval of 1 - 2 seconds. (no beeping...
  11. Nephern

    Discussion What kind of GPUS will be out in 2030?

    What name will it have? this includes model name, manufacturer and whether its Nvidia, AMD, etc (maybe another competitor) How many gigs of Vram will it have? How fast will it be? this includes base clock speed, boost clock speed and memory clock speed What kind of cooling system will it...
  12. J

    Question My GPU is acting weird

    Hi everyone. I am having trouble with my Nvidia RTX 2070 Super (MSI Ventus OC). I can still RMA it as it has warranty until 15th October. I haven't done any overclocking on the GPU or CPU. It started when I was in the middle of a mission in GTA V. My screen froze and the audio got choppy., then...
  13. K

    Question Computer wont start with new GPU

    Just installed a new graphics card (Asus Radeon RX 6800 16gb) and now my computer wont start. It has power; motherboard power indicator lights up, and mouse/keyboard light up (RGB peripherals). When I hit the power button theres a brief "whine" a single beep, then nothing. I put the old card...
  14. angxlv

    Question Recently bought used RTX 3070, it doesn’t allow above 60hz refressh-rate, nor can I play youtube videos ?

    Hey, so I recently bought a rtx 3070 from a reseller, he had used the card for mining but said it worked normally for gaming. But, when I got home and installed it into my computer my main monitor was black but was detected. My second monitor worked fine as it is a 60hz monitor. I updated...
  15. Avik_b123

    Question Which card to choose?

    Between the 3080 FE and the Zotac Trinity RTX 3080 which one should I go for? Both are 10gb variants and the price deference is 5k INR (approx $63).
  16. H

    Question Graphics card not recognized.

    Hello, I have a HP gaming laptop, 15 inch, AMD 4600H, and a Nvidia gtx 1650 grahics card. After replacing a broken fan, (or updating the bios) my graphics card is not visible anymore. I tried already everything, update bios, update Windows10, reset laptop, etc. But sofar nothing works. When i...
  17. D

    Question Bought the RTX 3080ti and I'm getting really low FPS on low end games

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6 Core Socket AM4 3.8GHz CPU Processor GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080ti 12GB MB: AORUS ELITE WIFI X570 ATX Ram: 2 X 8 GBS 3000MHZ G.SKILL TRIDENT Z NEO v 3600 (16gb) PSU: Corsair CX Series CX750F 750W RGB 80+ Bronze Fully Modular Power Supply I ran it on low end indie games and...
  18. Curlew55

    [SOLVED] New Motherboard install

    Hi - I've just fitted a new motherboard Gigabyte H610M H DDR4 motherboard to a new case. I've installed Core i3 processor and my previous SSD card - not M2 and previous graphics card NVIDEA P455 Geforce 7900 GS 256Mb. Everything appears to start as per normal - all fans running but no...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Computer fails to POST, VGA light on

    Hello everyone, my computer recently failed to boot, instead choosing to scroll text reading: "SetVariable██ : UnsupportedInitCbuiVariable : Unsupported". It scrolled and quickly filled the screen, with variations to the full blocks. Image...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Alienware Area 51 R2 GTX 1080 Thermal Pad Thickness

    Hi, I built a new PC and just transferred my Dell GTX 1080 to my new 12th gen rig. I used to have an Alienware Area 51 R2 PC. I was just wondering if anyone has the same graphics card who knows what thickness the thermal pads are for the Dell GTX 1080? It's 5+ years old and I need to replace...
  21. C

    Question Another would my PC support this graphic card question

    Hopefully everyone isnt sick of these yet! I'm planning on either upgrading my PC; or more more likely, upgrading my graphics card + any any additional hardware that needs it. I think that my current set up is probably OK (possibly barring my PSU), but before i spend several hundred £££ on...
  22. K

    Question Graphics card causing boot failure ?

    Hi all, Ive had a few recent issues with my PC which are now mostly fixed. Only outstanding issues is my PC will not boot at all when my GTX 1080 is installed. Motherboard MSI Z390-A Pro displays VGA issue LED as static white. Any ideas if the GPU is fixable (or ways of testing if its fixable)...
  23. S

    Question What would be a good graphics card to upgrade to with a price of around £500?

    I want to run new games at good settings without them being 20 fps. My specs are: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 7400 @ 3.00GHz 41 °C Kaby Lake 14nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1195MHz (16-16-16-39) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC...
  24. RageHippo

    Question Only getting 30-40 FPS in all games ?

    My GPU is underperforming instead of getting 70-80fps (high settings) I'm only getting 30-40 fps in almost all games no matter which settings i play on ? My specs - 1650 super i5-10400f 16gb ram (2666) 550W psu A month ago i clean installed GPU driver using ddu and my issue was solved , but...
  25. J

    Question White lines when booting then a black screen

    I've tried booting my PC this morning and in the booting logo a bunch of white lines appears then it goes to a black screen a doesn't boot. I switched the HDMI cable (connected to my graphics card) to the motherboard HDMI port and it works normally.
  26. W

    Question Best GPU at or under $350?

    I want to upgrade from my pretty old 1030 to a new graphics card. But I'm pretty short on cash. Any suggestions?
  27. J

    Question Is my GPU fixable or will I have to completely replace it?

    Hello, I'm trying to diagnose and, hopefully, troubleshoot a problem I'm having with my GPU. I've added all my specs to the end of this post. Wanted to try some options before committing to buying a new card. We had a bad lighting storm last night and upon starting my PC I started seeing small...
  28. NalevQT

    Question GPU suddenly died (seemingly) after installing new SSD

    My rig: Motherboard - ASUS TUF gaming B550-PLUS CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 PSU - Cougar CM1000 1000W GPU - ASUS TUF gaming AMD Radeon 5600XT RAM - HyperX [unsure] 16GB 2666 MHz Drives - WD green 500GB HDD, Biostar 120GB SSD Got a brand new HIKVision E3000 1TB NVMe SSD today. When I got home I...
  29. Phantomko

    Question CPU & GPU Clock & Temperature

    Hey, it's my first time posting here. So, I have an MSI GE76 Raider Laptop RTX 3070 & 32GB memory & 8gb VRAM. On MSI center, my GPU clock is somehow locked at 1620Mhz and VRAM clock is locked at 7000Mhz, my laptop heats A LOT like really a lot... It can reach up to 94%°C CPU temp and 89%°C GPU...
  30. F

    Question Will a 2060 fit into my motherboard?

    I have a Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M and i am looking to upgrade the graphics card to a 2060. Would it work? I have an intel i7-3300k cpu if that matters
  31. S

    Question 1080ti black screens randomly

    I have an asus 1080 ti and after booting my pc will randomly black screen after no specific amount of time, it could be 5 minutes or 2 hours even under load it can take a while but it will always happen. I've now just brought a 3070 that works perfectly fine in the system but would still like to...
  32. melancholy101

    Question Can’t find connector for 15 pin on a sata pci express cable

    I recently bought a “SATA 8-Inch 15-Pin to 6-Pin PCI Express Card Power Cable” so I could plug my new 1060ti graphics card into my pc. The problem is I can’t find anything to plug the 15-pin side into. I have an Inspirion 3668 dell and the only other upgrade i’ve made to it was a cpu upgrade...
  33. Avacadoee

    Question Disassembled gigabyte rtx 3080 oc rev. 1 for de shroud mod, reassembled fans not working no rgb light

    I just recently disassembled an rtx 3080 that I had bought a month ago to place some 120mm fans next to instead of the stock fans that it comes with to bring down thermals and noise. This was fine for me until I was not running the computer on a cardboard box anymore and the case actually came...
  34. M

    Question Graphics card potential damage

    Hello, I had just bought a 3070 founder edition for my first build, and on the drive home, my water bottle dropped on the box. I am worried that it may have damaged the GPU. There is no visible damage. I, unfortunately, can’t run it because I don’t have a complete setup. Is there any way I can...
  35. P

    Question Taking ages to boot

    ISSUE # 1 - Boot time : Hi, my computer is having a myriad of issues for a few months now. Around 6 months ago, boot time went from taking 5-6 seconds to almost 20 minutes. Originally when I booted up, The black screen would go to the windows log in immediately. Once I entered pin, it loaded...
  36. F

    Question Graphics card/driver crashes randomly while playing games

    So I bought a refurbished gaming laptop a few months ago and I feel like I've tried everything to resolve an issue it's had ever since I bought it. While I'm gaming on it, my external monitor will lose signal, the audio will cut out, and the laptop screen will flash. Eventually windows makes the...
  37. P

    Question Monitor goes black screen when I start a game/graphic card stress test, while CPU is still on.

    Here's my config. Processor - AMD FX-8370 Mobo - Gigabyte GA-970A-ds3p (Rev. 2) Graphics Card - Asus Radeon RX 460 OC 4GB RAM - Irvin 8GBX2 (New, a month old) One SSD (WD) One HDD (WD) PSU - Corsair VS550 So, the issue is (I started facing it from yesterday, suddenly) when I start a game or...
  38. B

    Question PSU for a 3070 Ti ?

    Hi, for a 3070 Ti, is a single-rail or multi-rail PSU better ?
  39. M

    Question My new gpu is performing way way worse than older gpu

    I upgraded from a 1060 3gb to a 1650 4gb. (I am aware that it is a bit worse, but my 1060 was older than the dinosaurs and the fans were broken. There was no other gpu better than 1650 that I could get in my area. And amazon has shipping prices that cost more than the product itself) So once I...
  40. Matthew VDub

    Question Is the 3050 compatible with my rig

    Hi I received a PC from somebody and I'm looking for a graphics card however I'm still fairly new to PC's and would like to know if the Asus Dual RTX Geforce 3050 oc GDDR6 will work with my PC PC Specs: 16gb ram Asus TUF H370-Pro gaming WiFi (motherboard) 1terabyte ssd