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  1. F

    Question Will a 2060 fit into my motherboard?

    I have a Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M and i am looking to upgrade the graphics card to a 2060. Would it work? I have an intel i7-3300k cpu if that matters
  2. S

    Question 1080ti black screens randomly

    I have an asus 1080 ti and after booting my pc will randomly black screen after no specific amount of time, it could be 5 minutes or 2 hours even under load it can take a while but it will always happen. I've now just brought a 3070 that works perfectly fine in the system but would still like to...
  3. melancholy101

    Question Can’t find connector for 15 pin on a sata pci express cable

    I recently bought a “SATA 8-Inch 15-Pin to 6-Pin PCI Express Card Power Cable” so I could plug my new 1060ti graphics card into my pc. The problem is I can’t find anything to plug the 15-pin side into. I have an Inspirion 3668 dell and the only other upgrade i’ve made to it was a cpu upgrade...
  4. Avacadoee

    Question Disassembled gigabyte rtx 3080 oc rev. 1 for de shroud mod, reassembled fans not working no rgb light

    I just recently disassembled an rtx 3080 that I had bought a month ago to place some 120mm fans next to instead of the stock fans that it comes with to bring down thermals and noise. This was fine for me until I was not running the computer on a cardboard box anymore and the case actually came...
  5. M

    Question Graphics card potential damage

    Hello, I had just bought a 3070 founder edition for my first build, and on the drive home, my water bottle dropped on the box. I am worried that it may have damaged the GPU. There is no visible damage. I, unfortunately, can’t run it because I don’t have a complete setup. Is there any way I can...
  6. P

    Question Taking ages to boot

    ISSUE # 1 - Boot time : Hi, my computer is having a myriad of issues for a few months now. Around 6 months ago, boot time went from taking 5-6 seconds to almost 20 minutes. Originally when I booted up, The black screen would go to the windows log in immediately. Once I entered pin, it loaded...
  7. F

    Question Graphics card/driver crashes randomly while playing games

    So I bought a refurbished gaming laptop a few months ago and I feel like I've tried everything to resolve an issue it's had ever since I bought it. While I'm gaming on it, my external monitor will lose signal, the audio will cut out, and the laptop screen will flash. Eventually windows makes the...
  8. P

    Question Monitor goes black screen when I start a game/graphic card stress test, while CPU is still on.

    Here's my config. Processor - AMD FX-8370 Mobo - Gigabyte GA-970A-ds3p (Rev. 2) Graphics Card - Asus Radeon RX 460 OC 4GB RAM - Irvin 8GBX2 (New, a month old) One SSD (WD) One HDD (WD) PSU - Corsair VS550 So, the issue is (I started facing it from yesterday, suddenly) when I start a game or...
  9. B

    Question PSU for a 3070 Ti ?

    Hi, for a 3070 Ti, is a single-rail or multi-rail PSU better ?
  10. M

    Question My new gpu is performing way way worse than older gpu

    I upgraded from a 1060 3gb to a 1650 4gb. (I am aware that it is a bit worse, but my 1060 was older than the dinosaurs and the fans were broken. There was no other gpu better than 1650 that I could get in my area. And amazon has shipping prices that cost more than the product itself) So once I...
  11. Matthew VDub

    Question Is the 3050 compatible with my rig

    Hi I received a PC from somebody and I'm looking for a graphics card however I'm still fairly new to PC's and would like to know if the Asus Dual RTX Geforce 3050 oc GDDR6 will work with my PC PC Specs: 16gb ram Asus TUF H370-Pro gaming WiFi (motherboard) 1terabyte ssd
  12. D

    Question PC is on but monitor is sleeping

    So after my GT 630 Gpu died I plugged the VGA cable into the motherboard for integrated graphics. Kinda unexpected but hey, it was an old Gpu and it wasn't great. The integrated graphics worked and everything was smooth, until I opened the case to see if everything was in order, which it was...
  13. L

    Question Hardware Requirements for Microsoft Flight Simulator ?

    So my system has the following setup: *Intel i5-4590 @ 3.3Ghz *Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Motherboard *8GB DDR3 RAM *AMD R9 280 "VTX" Currently can play GTA, etc on it well enough but I'm now wanting to move on to Microsoft Flight Simulator. From checking online calculators etc I understand I will be...
  14. fordcliff

    Question GPU suddenly artifacted and froze, now after a restart the PC won't boot if the GPU is plugged in ?

    SPECS: i7 3770 Q77-H2AM (motherboard) XFX RX 470 4GB 1600mhz RAM 16 GB (4 sticks) Corsair CV550 (550W PSU) So I was running Photoshop on my pc when suddenly it froze/not responding and the display artifacted at the same time. So I turned my pc off and when I tried to boot it again the...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Will a red devil 5700 XT fit in a b450m?

    I have an MSI b450m pro vdh max motherboard and want to upgrade my graphics card to a powercolor red devil rx 5700 XT, there are 2 sata ports at the edge of the board aligned with the graphics card that the graphics card will have to go over (because the card is VERY long), and I'm not sure if...
  16. LewisMann

    Question Graphics Card Running at 100% once any game opens

    Hi all, I recently put water cooling into my system (Corsair H75) and noticed that my GPU usage runs at 90-100% once any sort of game opens on my PC. I used to use the standard cooler that came with my CPU (all specs listed below) Once I tab out of my game by simply Alt-Tabbing, then the GPU...
  17. P

    Question New Gaming PC Build

    So I’m looking to build a new pc now that prices are starting to drop. I currently have a intel i5 cpu, a gtx 1090 and 16gb of ddr4 ram. It does a decent job but my frames are pretty low on games like Warzone. It’s also pretty slow when I have streams on in the background while I game. I don’t...
  18. C

    Question Advice for Ryzen 5 2600

    Im about to start animation school and Im wondering if I have a good graphics card for my processor (and processor as well) I have a RX 570 4GB and I want to upgrade to a better Card but I’m afraid of bottleneck. Could someone recommend me what it’s the best option? Whether if it’s stay the...
  19. S

    Question Looking for best Graphic Card for Gaming Laptop by Steven lash San Diego

    Hello, I have been looking for best graphic card for my gaming Laptop. I know there are many companies which has produced large number of graphics card, I didn't find the best one which is most useful and handy to use. Thanks, Steven Lash San Diego
  20. ZeCarBin

    Question 1080 Ti temp is reaching 80-85C ?

    Yesterday, I bought a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DUKE 11G graphics card and it has been reaching temperatures around 80-85C on games like Phasmophobia and 7 Days to Die. It is the same for games that that are a bit more demanding like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Fallout 76. Is this temperature too...
  21. Y

    [SOLVED] RTX 3060 TI on a 520 watts PSU

    Hi, I just wondering if my current setup can handle it. I am planning to upgrade next week from my 1060 to 3060 TI. I don't think I have any fancy components that consumes more power. Current setup: CPU - i7 7700(non K) MOBO - MSI B250m Bazooka LGA 1151 GPU - Palit GTX 1060 6 gb RAM - Crucial...
  22. F

    Question Rog Strix 3080 with HX850I PSU HELP!

    Hello! After a long wait im finally going to swap out my 1080ti with a 3080 card. Then i noticed i need 3 8 pins connectors vs the two i have today, so im going to buy a 8 pin to 8 pin cable tomorrow so i have 3 separate cables going from my PSU to my 3080 card. My question is if my PSU can...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from 1060 to 3070 Ti

    I currently own a 4 years old PC with the following specs: ASRock > Z370 Killer SLI/ac Intel i5 8400 16GB RAM (G.Skill DDR-3000) MSI 1060 Gaming X: MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation NZXT S340: NZXT S340 Mid-Tower Chassis (White) CA-S340W-W1 B&H Photo...
  24. AntonLow

    Question Adding Dedicated GPU

    Hi! I obtained recently a new dedicated graphics card to see it can fix my problem (GTX 1650 GDDR5), pc restarts everytime I launch a game that pushes the graphics (League,CSGO,Minecraft -> restarts, Terraria -> doesnt restart), made a list of what could be possibly be wrong (disabled...
  25. EnchantFortnite

    Question My monitor screen is turning green and purple ?

    ]Its Really annoying, its keeps happening every 6 Hours or sometimes 1 Hour... Also my DVI cable is plugged in properly! (Graphics Card is Working) PC Specs: I5 2400 8GB DDR3 500GB HARD DRIVE GTX 760 Twin frozor PSU: 500W EVGA Ask More questions if you need!
  26. L

    Question Is my GPU dying?

    Hey, I'll try to explain this as thoroughly as possible. Sometimes after I launch a game, it would crash after a short while. The screen turns black, after a second the taskbar shows up partially loaded and every window of a program is just a black box. If I restart the Explorer everything goes...
  27. ST2706

    Question Quadro and RX GPU in same system ?

    I currently have an RX6700XT running as my gaming graphics card. Since I want to increase my efficiency with CAD and Solidworks by using CUDA cores utilization, I want to add a Quadro into my system without having to replace my RX6700XT. My mobo is an ASRock X370 Taichi, equipped with 2 PCIe x16...
  28. P

    Question GPU detected but not working ?

    I was gaming the other night and suddenly my computer froze and I got a black screen. After that, there was no return. The day after I tried it all to figure out what the problem could be. I formated the disk and re-installed windows, I swapped the RAMs too see if they were faulty and finally I...
  29. madartzgraphics

    [SOLVED] How To Know If GPU Sensor is Broken?

    I got this old GTX 560 today from a guy sold for 30. A single fan Galaxy GTX 560 1GB. Runs very hot 100 degrees celsius max temp under heaven benchmark load and 98-100 degrees gaming without any sign of thermal throttling. Watch for some sign of downclocking but GPU clock speed is solid 810mhz...
  30. schifferenveskeren

    Question New Graphics Card not recognized in BIOS

    Hi all, I bit ago I purchased a 3070 and ran into some problems with installation. I pushed it off until after school ended, so the warranty has expired by now; regardless, I don't think my issue lies with it. The graphics card isn't being recognized by the motherboard and does not appear in...
  31. A

    Question Graphics card suddenly having issues but it works on another PC ?

    Here are my specs: EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB XC Ryzen 5 3600 Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory Corsair CXM 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX (used to be SeaSonic G Series SSR-550RM 550W 80 Plus...
  32. T

    Question I'm looking for a fan replacement for my "MSI GTX 760 TWIN FROZR" GPU

    I'm looking for a fan replacement for my GPU: "MSI GTX 760 TWIN FROZR GAMING OC EDITION 2GB". Product Name: N760 TF 2GD5/OC Model: 912-V284-081 I'd like to know whether the fan shown in the link below is compatible with my graphics card...
  33. XiNHe77

    Question Higher than normal CPU Usage and less GPU usage in some games..How do I fix that?

    So I have a GTX 1650 SUPER paired with an i5 11400, and I'm having this problem for quite a while now that in some highly CPU demanded games like Assassin's Creed Origins or Assassin's Creed Odyssey(this problem is quite prominent in these two games but its also in some other CPU intensive games...
  34. XiNHe77

    Question Thermal Throttling after installing new CPU Cooler

    I have an i5 11400 paired with a GTX 1650 Super, Before,I had a stock intel cooler installed and I noticed that as the summer came, The temperatures of the CPU started to touch 100 degrees C as I live in a hot region.. So I decided to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler and bought the Cooler Master...
  35. B

    [SOLVED] What is this cable coming off my GEForce GTS240 OEM card?

    I have a Nvidia GeForce GTS240 OEM that was installed into a Dell XPS 8100 machine. The graphics card has a 6 pin power connector. It also has a black and red cable at the top of the card which plugs into the motherboard. The black and red cable connector appears to have 6 pins but it actually...
  36. seagullrocck

    Question Is my graphics driver broken or is it the screen itself ?

    I recently noticed that the screen of my Acer Nitro 5 2019 laptop has been acting weird. Just below my taskbar, there's a fine black line across the screen that flickers. I tried updating my discrete driver but it didn't do anything. I tried scanning using the command prompt but it said that...
  37. B

    Question GPU fan getting crazy Gigabyte RTX 3070

    Hello ! One of my fan on my RTX 3070 is litterally going crazy, up to 6000rpm, while the others are fine, does anyone have a clue on what is happening ? I was playing Ride 4 today, and suddenly it started to go crazy, like for no particular reason except maybe temperature ? I mean, it's 34°C...
  38. lilgenski16

    [SOLVED] Next Suggested Upgrade

    Hello Everyone! I have a fairly modern and acceptable system. I was just curious as to peoples suggestion of the most viable/appropriate upgrade that I should look to aim for in my system. Current Specs: Intel I5 9600k (Stock) Hyper 212 Evo MSI Z390a Pro Motherboard 16GB Gddr4 Corsair...
  39. Y

    Question New GPU Power Surge in Games

    Hi, Bought a brand new GPU recently. When playing heavy games - the PC shut downs with surge being detected. In light games the pc doesn't shut down. GPU - 3060 PSU - 750W (more than enough for 3060) Mobo - Asus with anti-surge protection
  40. J

    [SOLVED] Motherboard's VGA light stays white, cannot detect GPU.

    I built this PC a month ago and it's been working fine, but after removing the GPU to put some new fans in I noticed this issue more, but normally reseating the card fixed it. Today however after seating an additional fan, I can't it to be recognized at all. I've spent the last hour reseating...