[SOLVED] Will a 4070 TI will be enough for 1080P Ultra Raytracing without DLSS?

sunit swapnasarit

Jun 19, 2014
Hii, I am looking to buy a GIGABYTE AUROS ELITE 4070TI 12GB for my setup. I am currently on a 1080P monitor. I will upgrade it in the future to a 1440p panel. But For Now Can I play games like Cyberpunk on all maxed including RT MAX? And in the future Can I also run games at high settings on 1440p but maybe low to mid RT settings? My setup is
Intel i7 13700K
Asus Z690 Tuf DDR5 Mobo
32 GB 5200 16x2 RAM
1000 GT watt EVGA supernova SMPS