Question Should I keep using this HDD? More info below... Pls read :)

Mar 24, 2019
Backstory: Some of my apps got corrupted, I couldn't print, open some apps, and other stuff. My HDD is old, I got it in 2014, it jumps to 100% usage in little effort, like copying while opening Chrome. Now If I give more pressure to it, it crashes, like if I run Steam or Discord while copying and starting chromed, I get the blue screen which says "Your pc ran into some trouble :(". It happens frequently after corruption.

Now: I will get a new HDD and/or an SSD with it, as the old one is not working so well. So, after I get the new one working, what should I do with the old one? Should I keep using that HDD for storage? I run a channel, and it would be good to have a 1 TB storage. How hard can I use it? I use Premiere Pro, and I might install games, lemme know your thoughts!



5 years is about the right time to start thinking about replacing hdd.

Which means I should next year but ssd don't have the moving parts hdd do, so they might last longer than 5 years. Sure, some hdd can last a long time but it depends if they are boot drives or not, in my last PC the 2nd drive lasted entire life of PC which was 8 years. I had 2 boot drives in the same period.

I don't know prices where you are but I would get a 1tb ssd if you want that much space.
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it likely depends on how much copying/deleting is involved, hdd use moving parts to save your data whereas ssd are solid, the more/longer you use a hdd, the more chance it will get a problem. Hdd just used for storage is far more likely to last longer than 5 years as its not used every day

ssd have their own problems but they are so small in size (capacity) that you are likely to replace them before you run into problems with them due to wear.

Your original plan probably best, get a smaller SSD and a HDD, then you get size for much less than what a 1tb likely costs. as well as the speed an ssd provides. I only have a 250gb ssd but I only install windows and any application that needs to be reinstalled with windows anyway, anything that can be reused on a new install lives on my hdd.