[SOLVED] Should i update my bios because of these changes ?


Mar 10, 2016
I have a Z390 UD motherboard and updated it when i got it one year ago.
Now i've been overclocking my cpu ( i5-9600k ) and while checking the motherboards site i saw a recent bios update available with these description :

  1. Enhance RAID AIC compatibility
  2. Fix CPU Vcore and power behavior
  3. Workaround beta BIOS to improve Kingston DDR4-2666 stability concern on some specific memory chip suppliers
  4. Fix language switch option issue
Currently my bios is version F7 and this one is F10, F9 & F8 had these descriptions :
  1. BIOS Structure refresh
  2. Optimize for Intel® Core™ i9-9900KS CPU
Update CPU Microcode to address a potential security vulnerability in CPUs,

So people will probably ask why wouldn't i update but why i'm hesitating is because if i update my bios i'll reset all settings and I've been overclocking and when i first got the motherboard i had to change a bunch of settings to help decrease an annoying coil whine.
But these descriptions do look important but on the other end I've been running this setup for a year with no problems.

So my question basically is are these changes critical & can the improve performance, and second is there any possibility to transfer or save bios settings over to the new version ?


Retired Mod
Take screenshots of each BIOS tab, and any important sub category screens, that way you can easily return your settings back to the way it was. I always do this prior to updating the BIOS so I don't have to try to "remember" (Yeah right, I'm going to remember anything, LOL) what I had settled on for every setting. In some cases it's not a problem because I've ended up with better configurations that what I'd been riding previously, but usually if it's where I'm happy with it, I don't want to be bothered when it's not convenient. So take screenshots of each setting. You can do this for most boards by inserting a flash drive into one of the motherboard USB ports and pressing F12 while in the BIOS. Some BIOS don't allow for this, but most modern ones do.

That board supports this.