SiS 650_SiS 653_SiS M60_SiS M62_SiS 740 graphics card


Jan 14, 2006
Its An Intel 740 Dx6 Card, Complete Crap Even Compared To Nvidia And ATI Dx6 Cards, In The Late 90s, It Was Intels First And Only Real Attempt At Entering The Discreet Graphics Segment (Not Counting Larabee)
SIS hasn't produced any actual graphics cards to my knowledge, they do make integrated graphics chipsets. What you have is an SIS graphics chip built into your motherboard.

You didn't specify why you needed to know this, but if you are wondering if it is capable of playing games, it most likely will not. SIS integrated graphics are quite weak when it comes to 3D rendering, they're even worse than most of intel's IGPs. If you are looking for gaming capabilities, you are going to have to look at a getting an actual graphics card. You would have to post system specs, including CPU, RAM, Motherboard, OS, Power Supply, Screen Resolutions, which games you wish to play, and a budget before we could make any recommendations on which card to get if you are interested in upgrading.

If your computer is a laptop, you are pretty much out of luck. Few laptops are upgradeable when it comes to graphics, only the very expensive gaming laptops can be upgraded, and none of those use SIS graphics.


Oct 13, 2011
The perfromance is like a Nvidia TNT card or ATI RAGE. They where bad in the day and time just make it worse.

Drivers for those IGP where tricky to install, it should be instaled by using their "setup.exe" and not the "found new hardware" wizard