SLI/Crossfire and 3 monitor setup?


Mar 20, 2004
I am looking to upgrade my system and am trying to figure out some details on the SLI/Crossfire thing.
I have read so much and I am more confused than ever. Different answers everywhere. :(

I currently have three monitors set up, two 24" LCDs and a Wacom Cintiq, all set up as a huge wide desktop.
My current setup is just using a dual head agp video card for the monitors and a single head pci card for the cintiq.

I am building a new system and want (need) to keep the 3 monitor setup, but would like to get the benefit of an SLI/Crossfire setup as well for games.
Can I put two cards in SLI/Crossfire setup and run the 3 monitors most of the time, but switch to the performance of the SLI/Crossfire via software?

Even if when I switch I can only run games on one monitor with the others black, that would be fine.
I would love to be able to run at least 2 monitors when gaming (game on one - chat, ect on the other) but I can deal with just one.

Is this setup possible, and if so is it a simple thing to switch back and forth between the configs via settings in control panel or something?

I am looking at the Rampage Formula, but am not set on anything yet. I see that board is crossfire compatible, so if SLI is better for my needs, can anyone recommend a similar spec board for SLI?


Aug 6, 2006
Hey mate how's it going, I notice it's been 6 months since this was posted, have you figured it out yet? Cause I just did exactly that with 2 4870s.
As far as I can tell when you switch on crossfire the output defaults to the card with only one monitor connected to it.
I'm still trying to figure out the software, trying to see if I can make the video appear on the card with two monitors. Surely there has to be something like that out there for users like us!


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