SLI game Issues


Hi so I have a q6600@3.4 4gb of 1066 ram a 780i board and two bfg gtx 285s in SLI. When I run 3dmark Vantage I get a score of around 24k. This is all good and dandy. It tells me SLI is working and everything is ok because that score is about right for my setup. But then I try to run games. The first game I ran was Call of duty World at War. I ran it first with SLI enabled and I got the FPS of one card i got about 75fps at 1920x1200 4xaa. That is what I should get with one card so I turned off SLI and I got the same exact fps. So then I tried far cry 2 and I got same results. So I thought maybe bad programming because I had similar issues with my 9800gtx sli setup before this. So then I tried COD4. With my 9800gtx setup I got SLI working perfectly in that game. With my 285 SLI setup I only got the fps of one 285 like all the other games. So Why does my SLI work in 3dmark vantage but not in actual games? Could it be software issues? B/C if it was hardware it wouldnt work the whole time. Thanks for any help I would appreciate it.


yea i have tried that going up to 3.6 the highest i could go but not comfortably cuz my vcore was so high i think i got a bad ocing q6600 also even if my cpu is bottlenecking the SLI it still would show a fps increase right? jus not as much
COD isn't really taxing your video cards but rather your CPU. There is nothing wrong with your cards. You just need a faster CPU if you want there to be an increase in FPS in COD when you enable SLI. Increase the AA and the AF and then see if your frames drop and if there is any difference in having SLI enabled or dissabled.


Sep 13, 2008
Cant speak for farcry but both cod4 and cod waw are framed capped in the engine to 85fps max.

Even if youve turned off sync every frame in your graphics options the game will cap itself at 85fps.

To fix this bring down your console ingame and type /com_maxfps 125

or whatever frame rate you want just change the number, dont forget the forward slash at the start or it wont work. I usually type in a rediculous number to start off with and then monitor my rates in game with fraps for a while and then set it to my lowest frame drop to remove any visual stutter.