Alright, so I've been considering building a new high end gaming computer and I'm having trouble understanding the whole SLI thing. I've got a few questions...

1. If a card/m.board is 'SLI certified', how do I tell what kind of SLI is supported (2x/3x/Quad)?

2. Say I throw a 3xSLI setup in my computer... how does it work as far as plugging in monitor(s)? Should I have multiples to get the full effect, or will they put the computing power all to one monitor?

3. The card I'm eyeballing, an eVGA GeForce GTX 295, is supposed to be essentially working on an SLI as-is, so putting 2 such cards is pretty much quad SLI, right? So if I was inclined to do it, could I throw 3 of the baddies into a single motherboard, or would that go beyond what the SLI is capable of?


Nov 28, 2008
1- You can usually tell by the number of PCI Express slots on the motherboard.

2- In sli you can only use one monitor as all the graphics power is sent to one monitor. However you can simply disable sli when not playing games to use more than one monitor.

3- The GTX 295 is a great card. Yes, having two GTX 295's in sli is considered quad sli. However I will not recommend quad sli as it will not scale well. One GTX 295 is great, two is not.

If you are looking for the best and fastest graphics setup than look at getting three gtx 285's as they will hands down beat the gtx 295 in quad sli. If you are considering getting such a extreme computer be sure you are getting a X58 motherboard and a i7 processor.

Hopes this helps!