Slow-performing Internet


Jan 7, 2013

I am currently with ATT's internet service. We have a 6Mbps Internet connection for gaming and streaming. All is good on, and this is what confuses me. When testing on there, I get great results, everything is where it is supposed to be. But when downloading a simple game from Steam, or watching an HD or even 480p video on youtube, I'm lucky to get 1Mbps. Its very frustrating. Does anyone know why this is?

Just a quick edit for some more info-- We have called the company, gotten great support. We have had guys come out here left and right trying to see what could be wrong, but the most they can come up with is the servers were downloading off must be busy, which isn't really the case seeing as how we have downloaded from all over the web and have not even gotten close to 6. I have tried restarting the router, disconnecting one computer to see if it was the problem, and emptying the errors from the router, but to no avail.

If this gives any better insight, the router is also the modem; it is a 2 in one, which I have never used before or dealt with- with Comcast, we had a Comcast modem with a router we bought ourselves connected and it worked perfectly. Once again, any type of help or troubleshooting is greatly appreciated.


Dec 15, 2012

If you are driving a Maserati that can do 200 MPH, in bumper to bumper 35 MPH traffic how fast are you going? Did you still buy a car that can do 200 MPH?

In your situation there is you, who can receive at 6Mps, there is a server who can broadcast at some unknown speed split among ALL ITS USERS [and steam is pretty popular] and a path on the internet, the weakest link determines the speed you get that data at.