Small Business Server


Aug 19, 2011
I am trying to build a reliable small business server that I can get up and running, connect multiple windows PCs, and leave alone. Maybe occasionally accessing it directly with a CD drive through some sort of graphical interface. I don't want to have command line only, although I don't mind using it.

I have the following hardware already (my predecessor purchased it, but it is unused):
Motherboard: Tyan HannStar MV-4 (can't find any info on it)
CPU: 2 Xeon BX80546kg3200fa sl8zp So far I have found out these are 3.2 GHz, 800 MHz Bus, single core, 2MB L2 Cache
RAM: 4 x 1 GB

I'll start off by saying that I've never built a computer from scratch, although I've modded quite a few.

I was hoping to put about 4 x 1TB drives in it for storage in some sort of mirror RAID config. I also wanted to put a separate drive for the OS. And would like to try out a SSD.

I'll add an optical drive, but really not picky on that as it will probably rarely get used.

I was hoping to use free server software, looking at Ubundu server now.

Looking at a server rack case with 2 inlet fans and 2 outlet fans.

Hoping to get away with a standard Antek desktop supply around 650W. Server specific supplies are pricey, not sure why.

Does anyone see any issues or shortcomings with my intended setup?

I'd greatly appreciate any input from anyone more experienced than me.

Thanks in advance
If this is going to be file server, go with NAS, loss less hassle than dedicated server, will easily handle 4x1TB hdd's in RAID, everything done by web interface over network.

On the subject of the Tyan HannStar MV-4, I believe that was an OEM product for HP servers.

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