Oct 31, 2011
Hey all,

I recently sold my Graphic Card http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130657 for $150 that I bought for $260 or something back in early November 2011.

I sold it simply because I was getting frame drops here and there when playing Battlefield 3 (especially on the new Expansion called Aftermath).

I also had this weird problem back in April 2012 where I would get a black screen/shadow at the top of my game after few minutes of launching/playing Battlefield 3. I managed to fix such issue by playing on Windowed Mode and using a Program/Software called BF3 Borderless by Realmware where it made my game in fullscreen. In addition, disabling Triple Buffering in NVIDIA Control Panel helped in a way I believe!

Moreover, I played BF3 a lot and I don't know to be honest... Is it my eyes or is it just the game or my GPU but I never ever liked the textures of that game at times as they seem flickery.

Oh and I didn't want to repeat the same mistake by sticking to the EVGA 560 ti for 3 years like I did with my previous Graphic Card EVGA 9800 GTX++ SCC where it died.

Keep in mind that I play Online Games, especially FPS Games (First Person Shooter) on 1024x768 Resolution because I am used to my Mouse Sensitivity. I mainly play such Games as I am a Student and I don't have time to play other games. Yes I own new/recent game titles but I just enjoy FPS Games in my free time.

One more point to add that my FPS wasn't stable at 125 when playing Black Ops 2 like it was with my old 9800 when playing Call of Duty 4.

Conclusion: I wasn't satisfied and that Expansion for BF3 (Aftermath) made me sell it because I can't stand the lag (I can stand/tolerate FPS drops here and there + texture flickering but I can't stand it at all when my game is laggy/choppy)

Sorry for the long post. I made this topic to ask you guys for advise on which video card to get.

I have 2 on my mind:




Let me know what you guys think. I am open to suggestions (660 ti for example, etc).

Please advise and thanks in advance



Jun 18, 2011
Well if you can afford it I'd grab a 7970 Ghz Edition, NOT the normal 7970, the GTX 670 beats it in some games and some games falls behind. Really for the performance I'd get the 7970 Ghz because it beats the GTX 680 in quite a few games, and definitely beats Nvidia in high resolutions, AMD is the best thing out if you're doing high resolutions. The GTX 670 is a great card and will run anything, but for a bit more the 7970 Ghz edition gives more and even beats the more expansive 680GTX.
I recommend: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202001


I would recommend the normal 7970 instead because it's not worth paying more for a little boost in clockspeed which you can actually do yourself pretty easily

But, any GTX670 will also do fine if you prefer nvidia. I would've chosen MSI or EVGA cards though