Socket 478 stock hsf doesn't move much air, modding.


Mar 17, 2009
Hi, remember the good (bad) 'ol days of socket 478's? Well yea I was a dum dum back then, and my dad got a monstrous 3.0ghz P4 that's like a hairdryer in terms of power consumtion and heat. Except the hsf, which moves like 5cfm :heink: . Shoulda got an Athlon. Anyways, I don't think my dad would mind me blowing the silicon out of this chip, so here's what I want to do:

-I'm looking forward to somehow modding the hsf with a 80mm fan on the stock heatsink, so can I like rip of the stock fan and tie this one on the old heatsink with something? Yea the stock fan spins like twice as fast but moves a tenth of the air that my arctic fan 3AC moves.
-Also want to lap this thing... is it going to be hard with the pins sticking out and threatening to break apart under my fingers?
-I've got a P4S800 described here Is this any good for OCing? I've got no idea how good it is, I was a stupid grade 5 student when my dad bought this. And can I use a pencil to hardwire this thing to compensate for vcore droop? It's quite ancient, ASUS was cheap and took it off their site. :pt1cable:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Contributing Writer
I guess you could go that route, or just get any decent aftermarket heatsink...most still support socket 478 with hardware for other platforms as well. Just check the box/site for compatibility before buying.