Question [solved] Gigabyte 3070ti opinion


PC spec

AMD 5800x
B550 MSI tomahawk
32gb Kingston fury x
Corsair AX860i PSU
5700xt AsRock

Monitor - Asus 165hz 2k res


My 5700xt constantly overheats, yes it pushes good frames, but it's loud and annoying. I bought the card while I had a 1080p and several months later bought a 2k monitor... Then I found out. Temps constantly reaching 95+. Lost in the silicon lottery, undervolting even slightly crashes the card.

I have been looking to get a 3060ti or 3070

But here I saw a 3070ti, but I'm not a big fan of gigabyte, owned one and didn't really enjoy it. Although this one is a better quality card? Looking for an opinion. Should I get a similar priced 3070 Asus/MSI/EVGA? Or grab this at a discount?

Location CANADA
preferred store CANADA COMPUTERS

Gigabyte 3070ti

I play only one game, final fantasy online 14. I do not expect more than 100fps on high settings, I just want a quiet card that did the job