Question [SOLVED] GPU Unnamed in Device Manager as "PCI Device" unidentified

Nov 23, 2019
EDIT: noticed i am using 2016 windows that I installed from this old CD. Going to try upgrading windows and will report back).

EDIT 2: I needed to upgrade to windows using this link . My old 2016 windows 10 would not update itself to the latest (2019) version . Once I installed the version from the link the GPU was detected easily !

Trying to get my PC up and running again. Any help is really appreciated a lot.

New GPU (pny geforce 1660 gtx 6gb) is installed in my new motherboard (ASUS Z 97 E) butit shows up as "PCI device" in device manager in windows 10. The card is running nicely (lit up, fans going) and is clearly outputting video; my hdmi cord is going from the gpu to the monitor. The only "Display Adapter" that shows up in device manager is "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". What i presume is the graphics card IS in device manager under "Other devices" as "PCI device." DXDIAG sees this device as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" with 8GB of onboard gpu memory. This can't be the gpu, as the gpu has 6gb of onboard mem.

I know it is probably not the card itself because I have also tried a second brand new store bought gpu (a msi brand 1660) that exhibits the same symptoms.

I cannot automatically or manually install Nvidia drivers for this card (pny geforce 1660 gtx 6gb) as the installs fail.

I've tried everything you can think of: reinstalling Windows 10, different slots, reseating, triple checking connections, disabling integrated graphics within BIOS (no option there) and Windows 10, upgraded bios firmware to latest via usb (latest update was 2017 ha), installing manual drivers from nvidia for the card in safe mode and regular mode (fails because the driver is "This nvidia graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows"), adjusted all manner of BIOS settings regarding the video card or onboard graphics, installing drivers using geforce experience (fails because it doesn't see any nvidia gpu in system)
Lastly is a photo of the driver install fails. Thank you for any and all help! I'll seriously give someone $20 if they can help me fix this
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