Question [SOLVED] PC build not completing POST (red CPU / yellow DRAM lights)

Jan 3, 2023
Hi all, just finished (or so I thought) building a new PC with all new parts. I've now stripped it down to barebones to try to get it to start. All fans spin, but there is no video output through neither HDMI nor Display Port output on the Motherboard.
If all that's installed is CPU, PSU, Motherboard the DRAM light shows yellow. If I add a stick of RAM, regardless of slot, the CPU light is red and the DRAM light is not on at all. I have tried all troubleshooting methods I can find.

I've tried everything in the stickied thread to the best of my ability:
  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. yes, came preinstalled
  4. not yet installed
  5. N/A
  6. yes, in every slot
  7. yes, clicks from the latches
  8. yes, even tried every slot
  9. yes
  10. yes, only possible to install one way (holes dont line up otherwise)
  11. not that I can see (I took apart and reassembled)
  12. everything is contained on the CPU/cooler
  13. yes, spins fine and cannot push it down further
  14. plastic coatings were removed, pins were screwed down
  15. not that i can see
  16. to the best of my ability
  17. yes, see above. dont have a speaker module and dont think the motherboard supports it
  18. yes, verified
  19. yes
  20. the CPU is listed as compatible on the MSI site
  21. yes, via removing the battery for 5 min. I've also replaced the battery
  22. tried both integrated video output ports
  23. yep
I have not yet breadboarded
I don't think I can access the beeps
I don't have a multimeter to check PSU
I have tested the RAM in another build which boots without issue

Parts installed:
  • Motherboard: MSI Pro Z690-A WIFI DDR4
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 13600K 3.5 GHz 44MB
  • CPU cooling: Noctua NH-U12S
  • PSU: Corsair RM850X 850W v3
  • RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz Vengeance LPX
  • Secondary test RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR4 3000MHz Vengeance LPX
Unsure if relevant, but I've tried connecting power to both or just one of the 8-pin CPU power ports on the motherboard.

Super appreciate any help you can offer