Question Something is causing random programs to not boot. At a total loss.


Jan 8, 2017
Hi, I am experiencing major issues with my system. I have a 6600k, a 1070, and 16gigs of ddr4 so I am quite confident its not a hardware problem (at least in the sense that my PC is powerful enough to run these programs.) My problem is that seemingly random programs are having trouble booting, while others run fine. For example, games like Cyberpunk, Dishonored 2, Destiny, and Overwatch consistently have no trouble booting and running but much less demanding programs like Minecraft, Skyrim, and Burnout Paradise black screen and minimize after booting. I have verified every driver, and run multiple system health checks. This is what every guide said my problem was, as I was getting the 100% CPU usage problem from system interrupts spikes. But all my drivers are up to date. My drives are in great condition, so I am really just out of ideas. I cleaned my PC and made sure all of the cables were snug too, didn't change anything. I don't have any debug lights on my MB on either. I haven't noticed any patterns with the system interrupts and I've run games that crash with Task Manager open and it doesn't always correlate to a crash, making me think that it is two separate problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

CPU: i5-6600k (not overclocked)
GPU: ASUS 1070 8 GB
RAM: G.Skill 16GB DDR4-3000
PSU: EVGA G1 750 W 80+ Gold
Drives: WD Blue 1TB and a OCZ TRION 480 BG SSD
Network: Cat 5e ethernet cable