[SOLVED] Something's wrong with my computer and I don't like it

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May 7, 2021
So first, I should give out what the problem is.
Usually my computer makes a sort of scratching noise when it turns on. It's NOT from the HDD, one failed in the computer and it was replaced, the noise until now was the same.
But now that noise is suddenly gone
But wait, there's more.

I started the computer gruelingly. It was on a black screen with the mouse for a solid minute, then a screen with the start menu and Discord. Usually it wakes up in seconds (it was in sleep mode)

The start menu was completely unresponsive for 2 minutes covering a quarter of the screen then just died. Discord was running but extremely slowly. The taskbar was frozen.

And all the names of the folders on the desktop looked all fuzzy and stuff. It wasn't even text anymore, it was just white garbled images.

I do NOT use windows, but the distribution of Linux I use (Kubuntu 21.04) has a killswitch (it has to be enabled) which is usually triggered by CTRL+ALT+BKSP. It brings us back to the last stage of the boot tree.

Usually this killswitch takes less than 10 seconds, but in this case I had to spam the killswitch and it took a hair-ripping 4 minutes. I restarted the computer. Again, no noise for the startup.

Upon reaching Stage 2 of the boot tree, the computer locked up again for a while, and my desktop was corrupted. The HDD Is at a healthy temperature and has no errors, even after running badblocks and a SMART scan.

This brings us to now. I gruelingly got psensor open and Firefox up to write this, since I need help.


HP Z220 SFF Workstation with Intel I5-3470, NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, WDC-WD10EZEX 1TB, and 16GB of R.A.M.
(Don't judge, im not a hardcore gamer in the slightest)

Stage 1: Windows/Ubuntu (ubuntu being stage 2)
Stage 2: Ubuntu 20.04/Kubuntu 21.04

I use Kubuntu about 98% of the time, Windows 1.5% of the time, and Ubuntu 0.5% of the time.
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