Sound Card Suggestions


May 16, 2012
Hey all, thinking about buying a sound card now as I'm starting to have some issues with my onboard sound, and was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions.

My current speakers are Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II Multimedia Speakers, I play quite a lot of PC games and listen to a lot of music (of no one genre in particular). I have a fairly loose budget but would begin to feel a little uncomfortable spending over £100 (around $160) unless there's good reason to. :)

Thanks in advance for any help deciding. :)


Feb 22, 2012
I've owned two of these...the sound for computer use listening to music and playing games...cannot be beat.

I know it's only $20 but I'm telling ya...these things sound much bass as one could possibly need....bounced a coffee cup right off my desk...admittedly I'm using a 7 year old Logitech 5.1 set of speakers..with amplified subwoofer...but they sound as good today as they did brand new...

That sound card jams...and if the bass is great...what possible reason to pay any higher a price if it performs...and that sound card does.

Just my personal experience but I moved one of those card between a total of 3 pc's I built and it's currently somewhere in Ohio....I sold the rig on a young man wanting to play games...and it's still jamming today!!

That's the best ROI I ever heard of...Return On Investment...wha cha say!!!

So if you feel like spending money...don't do it those bucks towards more ram or a better monitor...this card delivers big time!