May 15, 2012
Not even sure if most of you are even old enough to remember Space Quest by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (back in the days when Sierra was a great company - now owned by Activision). Anyway - recently, there's been a surge in "Adventure Games" by us "Old Timers" - such games as Leisure Suit Larry had a successfully Kickstarter Campaign, as well as Jane Jensen (who made Gabriel Knight for Sierra, but some of you might have heard of her more recent game Gray Matter.) As it turns out, I am here to talk about neither of those two (since they've both successfully met their Kickstarter Goals!) - but rather, I want to talk about Two Guys From Andromeda.

They've launched a Kickstarter campaign to do a new video game (thankfully between Leisure Suit Larry, Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road, and now SpaceVenture - the Kickstarter campaigns have been nicely launched so it's not one huge financial hit by all three!) - their site is found here:

You can see by the site, their zanney sense of humor that made Space Quest such a huge success back then - and I am hoping, they get the chance to create a new game, not only to entertain us "Old Timers" who remember "Sierra from back in the day!" - but also give a chance for you, Young WhipperSnappers a chance to enjoy some good gaming mixed in with some excellent comedy!

I would like to see this come true (I donated over $100! So you can tell I am serious here!) Their Kickstarter Page is here: eators-of-space-que

You can check out the cool list of things that they offer, depending on how much you donate to the cause! I am just a Janitor, floating through CyberSpace, trying to spread the word! (I guess that joke only really works if you're familiar with Space Quest! - Trust me, their jokes are much funnier than mine! They're paid professionals! I am just a minion!)

We'd love for anyone - and everyone! - to help spread the word! Whether you pledge or not! Spread it via Facebook! Via Twitter! Via MySpace! (Does anyone even use that anymore?) Put it in your forum signatures! Whatever you can do to help - again, even if you don't or can't pledge - the help is GREATLY appreciated!


Jun 7, 2012
Here; Lemme drop this BOMB on ya, Space Cadets!

Have you gotten a look at the stars of the show: Meet Ace Hardway, His faithful robotic Toolbox Dog Rooter & Cluck Y'Egger! - Cluck Y'EGGER SPEAKS!

Also for your convenience the two guys have Created an Official Inventory VIEWER so you can see what your rewards may or may not be depending on your wallet!:

Want to know what the hell Ken Williams has been up to and hear him reminisce about the good ol' Days of Compuserve and the Imagination Network? OH YEAH YOU DO:

Oh look! A Video interview with Ellen GLaDOS herself:

THIS is a BIG Item folks: Introducing the official Two Guys from Andromeda REDDIT AMA!!! This was a good one with lots of info to be gleaned for what to expect from this SpaceVenture:

Her husband joins the fray too! (also a voice actor for this space gig):

Did I miss anything? I hope this whets your appetite, shows you how ridiculously hardworking and imaginative these guys have been and makes you want to pledge or up that pledge!