Speedfan detecting false temperatures


Apr 2, 2010
I am running a Q6600 G0 Stepping on a stock HP mobo and stock HSF. When I run speedfan it usually displays the idle temp of the cores at ~20C. However when I run CPUID HWMon, it detects the idle temp at 20-30C, at load the difference in temperature increases even more. Which program should I trust? Speedfan or HWMon?
Many swear by RealTemp. I've used it before and it seems fairly accurate. However, I prefer SpeedFan; force of habit. Regardless of what you use though, you should be getting roughly the same results, which to me suggests that perhaps the early quad cores, just like the core 2 quads do not have the best temp sensors, i.e. my Q9400's cores 3 and 4 tend to "stick" at 37 on idle, but change once they make it past 37, while 1 and 2 do not "stick" and give me fairly constant readings.
To figure out which one is the most accurate do this save anything that needs to be saved then let your computer IDLE for 10 minutes check the temp then hold down power button to turn off computer dont shut down that will raise the cpu temp so power off immediately turn back on and go into bios and check the cpu temp to see which one is reading correctly.