Question speedfan problem

Aug 3, 2021
Hello, i bought new matrexx 70 case with RGB fans, but i can change fan speed in speedfan, im using splitter to connect all the fans, also i have NCT6683D chip, and yes i have 4 pin fans
Can you or can't you control fan speed, it is a bit unclear to me?

If you can't use SPeedfan, this is what might be wrong :

Speedfan outdated and hasn't been updated since 2015, and doesn't support all modern motherboard sensor-chips. For example, about a year ago, I had an ASUS RoG Maximus XI Hero (WI-FI) Z390 motherboard and Speedfan was completely unable to acces the sensor chip, and couldn't control the fan speeds. I haven't tried my current MSI z390 board, though.

If you are unable to control the fan speeds on your current setup, Speedfan might not support your motherboard sensor chip.

For a long time I used Argus Monitor as an great alternative. It is still being updated and has a ton of features for very precise fan control..

But unfortunately, after a 30 day trial (with full functionality and unlocked features), you have to pay for continued use. It is relatively cheap, but not free..

You can always test Argus Monitor to see if it is able to control the fans in your setup, so you can confirm whether fan control works or not, or if the problem lies elsewhere.

But to be honest, after using Argus Monitor for approximately 6 months, I reverted back to just setting custom fan settings in BIOS and letting the motherboard control the fans -and if you have decent fan control options in your motherboard's BIOS, I would honestly recommend using BIOS to control fans, and not use control software - in my opinion, after experimenting for a very long time with fan control software, it turned out BIOS settings was a better option to use -for me at least.