SRT/RST problems on my Asus asus p8z68-v pro.


Jan 8, 2012
Hi guys, I think this whole SRT stuff is just so stupidly over complicated to install. I think its an amazing idea and you can see for benchmarks that it works, but its such a damn pain to get to work. I was wondering if anyone can help me work out where im going wrong.

So in my system I have 3 500gb HDD's then I have 1 60GB SSD.

The 3 HDD's are all connected to the 4 blue 3GB/s ports on my mobo. The SSD is connected to the Grey 6GB/s port.

I read on several different forums that you need to set up your hard drive in RAID when installing windows for it to work, Heres the problem.

I go into my motherboard, change the sata mode to raid. Save and restart, then I load up my windows 7 installation dvd and when I get to the hard drive selection screen it says that some CD/DVD whatever is missing. In the list where the hard drives are there is nothing.

Now this is probably because when I changed it to raid I didnt configure the drives, but here comes the next problem. When I boot up and i press CTRL I, I have to choose my raid configuration. This confuses the hell out of me because what are you supposed to do? You have 1 HDD with your OS on , then you have a SSD used as a cache,, thats not Raid to be fair...

I cant just set up RAID0 between a 500gb and a 60gb hard drive.

What does everyone else do? Do you just set ur sata to raid mode then install windows? Or do you go to CTRL I and change some settings? Im so frustrated by this overly complicated process.