Question SSD or Mobo or sth else FAIL after 11 months

Apr 10, 2019
Hello guys . before 11 months i made my pc part by part and it was working perfectly working even at hot temps of summer . So the last week my pc started to freeze after 3-4 hours doing anything and mostly when i was turn it on in the windows screen i had to 2-3 reboot to get past it bec it was freezing .Since my pc is kinda new ( every part ) i thought that the problem is the windows , i am watching the temps when i am gaming and everything was ok atlow temps as usual ( also no fps drops or sth like that ) . I had the bright idea to format my windows ( i have done this already 2 times succesfuly on my pc ) . So i use my USB to install and after the first part of installing the setup asks for an auto restart , but after the resart my pc freeze always on AORUS loading sreen ( always but alwas on the same spot ) . It wasthe version windows 10 1903 . After my tries i used diffrent usb and the windows 10 from microsofts page but now the setup was freezing before even starting at "setup is starting" .Tried again from both usbs and always they same thing was happening on both situations . After that i tried using windiws 8.1 and i managed to succesflly install them even my pc froze but they have been already installed . But , when i turn on my pc it can only hold 10-20 second in windows before freeze . I tested my both rams and nothing changed .

MOBO : Aorus B40 M (rev 1.0)
RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4-3000MHz X2
GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GAMING OC 6G
PSU: CoolerMaster Masterwatt 700 watt
SSD: Sandisk SSD Plus (530MB/s) 240GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 Ghz
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You should re-install Windows 10.
Connect the SSD to a different SATA port and leave only one RAM module on the RAM slot 2nd slot from the CPU (slot #2).
During setup, when you get to the Which type of installation do you want?
Click on the Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced).
Select and delete each partition on your disk.
Select Drive 0 Unallocated Space and click the Next button to proceed with the fresh installation of Windows 10.
Allow Windows to install all available updates before you install any drivers or programs.

After Windows 10 is working properly, power off and add the 2nd RAM module to the RAM slot closest to the CPU (slot #4).