SSD Question about space


Mar 9, 2012

I recently bought and built my first gaming PC. I got a 120 GB SSD.

I installed windows to my SSD and other programs that I use a lot i.e. photoshop. I also that have a 1 TB hardrive that I save everything else to.

I have tried to make sure that everything that is downloaded/ installed all saves to my 1TB, for some reason memory is still being used on my C drive. Even when I am not downloading or installing it seems as if memory is being used on my C drive (usually like 5-10mb) Its not that much space but It just happens at random times and I need it to stop. Everytime I use my PC for a while there is more space used.

I was wondering why this is? Also is there anyway I can stop everything on my PC from being installed to my C drive, its really annoying as 120GB is not that much and I don't want it to run out.
120GB is alot.

I don't run games, but of my 120GB of space, I have only used 22GB: Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2007, Quicken, Norton, Nero 10, and a few others.

Did you do the SSD tweaks? Like turn off "System Restore, and Hibernate" to save space. Run "Disk Cleanup" to clear out &*.tmp files, IE cache, etc.

You have an SSD, so use it. Wouldn't you want the fastest access to ALL your programs? Keep your "data" on the HDD (My Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, and gaming data).

There is another thread in here posting the same issue: losing MB of space...

neon neophyte

go to your start bar and accessories, disk clean up. see if theres any temp files that need to be deleted. temp files will form on your main drive, its part of windows.

also, page files are on your main drive as well, they can be an upward of 700mb. if you have enough ram you can eliminate your page file altogether.
I suggest that you download and run WinDirStat, and save the information. It will show you where space is being used, but more importantly, if you run it again next week and compare the results you will see where the space went.

Every system update takes space (some of this can be cleaned out at the expense of losing the ability to back out the patch). Antivirus updates take space. It happens.