SSD stutters with 4 year old mobo??


May 21, 2012
I have a new ssd by mushkin, the callisto deluxe series. I've noticed it stutters everytime when I play a video or mp3 file. I tried Sata and ACHI mode and it didn't fix the problem. My motherboard is about 4 years old, it is an amd motherboard 690G series. Could that be the problem that it is causing stuttering problems????

Thanks. :eek:

It's possible. Make sure your motherboard BIOS is at the latest version.
Also verify that your SSD has the latest firmware version 3.6.1.
also make sure your mb chipset drivers are up to date and well as your flash and video card and audio drivers. a lot of time errors in youtbe are flash and browser issues..there is a issues with flash and some of the nvidia drivers. the work around is to turn off hardware exesslertion in flash.