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Question Standard GPU vs Low Profile GPU performance

Apr 24, 2020
How much is the difference in performance between a Standard GPU and a LP GPU?
How many percent is the average difference?
Example: GTX 750 Ti vs GTX 750 Ti LP
GTX 1050 Ti vs GTX 1050 Ti LP
GTX 1650 vs GTX 1650 LP
GTX1050 TI 4GB. I suggest having 12GB RAM with that. Most of the time 8GB is OK, but every now and then it could use more.
There are some better CPU for that. Q9650, X3370,Q9550 are faster and have more cache.
I stuck that LGA775 Xeon in there because the others seem to be sold out.
For 2 core the E7500 can be tape modded to 3.67GHz instead of the E8400.
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The smaller fans turn a higher RPM and will be noisier, especially in an overclock situation. The smaller heatsink means the fans will have to work harder. The basic performance will be the same, but the sound and overclocking potential will be different. At 75 W the noise and cooling isn't the issue it is with 120W and up GPUs. Not a lot of difference at that power point.
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