Nov 13, 2012
Okay so I have a Corsair 300R carbide case and I'm installing an m-ATX motherboard into it, but I'm totally confused about the standoffs on this case. It has raised areas that you just screw the mobo into directly. There's 8 of those - 3 I won't be using since i their ATX only. Then there's this pin which i assume is for aligning the mobo.

Here's the problem though. The m-ATX board only screws into 5 of the raised areas and slots into the pin. There's still two holes on the mobo left unscrewed at the end. The case has holes at these areas, but it only came with one standoff!! (I assume the holes are for screwing a standoff into).

Do i need two standoffs?


Image isn't mine, but the case is almost entirely the same.