States Re-File Lawsuit Against FCC To Challenge Net Neutrality Repeal

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Some ISPS here in Australia have been shaping traffic for years. I guess that is the same in the US. The worst here would have been Optus and Telstra.

But in an incredibly fast reaction to NN repeal here the Internet services in Australia have got to be declining to among the worst in the world. Almost every ISP (if not all) are now shaping traffic, giving specific traffic types and services for specific groups of customers priority while slowing others.

The ACCC directed ISPs to stop selling products based on speed and start advertising products on what speeds you might be lucky enough to achieve during peak times.

Problem is, we purchased a tier 5 product which used to be 100d/40u, but at the absolute best we get 40Mbps down off peak. And it's the same across all carriers, including Optus, Telstra, Vocus, TPG and even AussieBBS (Who would be among the dearest @ $150 for an advertised product of 100/40 but delivers no more than other ISPs.

I'm not sure that repealing the repeal will achieve anything. ISPs now dictate the internet around the world, and as much as they might complain about "policing the internet" they really do want that responsibility.

Very sad, indeed.
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