Strange connection problem


May 5, 2012
i have a strange connection problem. first some details. i am using an asus rog g74sx, and my friend uses an alienware 13 inch lappy. (specific comp unknown) i have a "highspeed" (really 1.5 -3 mbps downspeed and .75-1 mbps upspeed) connection from a tower on a 900mghz frequency, on a 6 foot yagi. there are sometimes cutouts due to a lot of people in the area being on 900 mghz but i cant really do anything about that and it is a separate issue.
the New and strange issue im having is that separately, the internet works fine. when we both try to use it at the same time, it cuts out and i have to ipconfig/release and renew, or reset the router to get it working again. this does not happen when other computers connect to the network at the same time; every day a mac and my computer are both on the internet simultaneously with no problems.

its ONLY when these two specific machines try to log on simultaneously. im assuming the computers are reconfiguring the router somehow or that some software setting is different, but i cant pin it down, and its becoming exceedingly frustrating! :pfff:
please help.
if i missed any info that you need let me know, i wrote this pretty hastily.