Question Strange decrease in monitor refresh rate ?

Sep 10, 2022
Could anybody help me out with this? I was playing at 1920x1080@144Hz for the last 2 months and 2 days ago something happened that made it max out at 1920x1080@120Hz. My CPU is an i5-11400H with a UHD 630 iGPU.

The iGPU set a limit at exactly 297MHz output and currently maxes out at 131Hz when trying to set a custom resolution, does anyone know how to bring it back up to what it used to be? I remember I was messing with some power mode stuff, maybe it entered a power saving mode? I honestly don't know anymore, hope to get this sorted. I need the setup fully functional for Monday and I'm stressing out right now.

P.s No I cannot connect it with a DP (my laptop doesn't have that); Yes I've tried updating/uninstalling/downgrading the drivers (None worked).