Strange issue when overclocking


Sep 25, 2008
I'm currently using an Asus P5Q Pro and a Q6600. When I tried to overclock it, I noticed that every time I changed the vcore, even if it's the same that it was when I left it on auto, and pulled the plug after I switched off my computer. When I powered it up, it would boot up for a second, stop, then start booting normally again.

Any ideas what's causing this? The only thing I am changing is the FSB and this only occurs when I do both of the things I mentioned.
That's a typical issue with Asus P5, as well as other Asus boards. These boards do not do a complete reset of the bios the first time, and thus reboot a second time to flush the bios cache. This is not a big deal, just something to get used to.