[SOLVED] Strange Pixelated Jumping Text/Icons after Upgrading to Windows 11

Feb 25, 2022
I'm having a really strange issue with my Gaming Laptop...

Basically to describe it as simple as possible, I have an Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 (Rtx 3060 + Intel Gfx) which was working absolutely fine for several months on Windows 10 and after upgrading to Windows 11 Recently I have now noticed that the Text/Icons on my desktop will randomly go crazy jumping/pixelating and videos on youtube will go black and start scrolling etc or the screen will sometimes go black then end up repeated from top to bottom.

I never had the issue with Windows 10 and I'm willing to bet it would go away if I went back somehow not that I really want to so I am hoping someone has some ideas what could help solve the issue or what might be causing it.

I am about 80% sure that it's likely a Windows 11 or Graphics Driver Issue mostly because it wasn't happening on the last Windows Version and it only happens when I use two programs: Unreal Engine and Opera/Chrome/Edge.

I tried recording it but the issue never occurs when I record videos or take screenshots so the only way I could show it is if I were to try recording it via phone and not sure how visible or well that would look to show the issue.

If I reboot my computer or reinstall my graphics drivers the issue goes away for a few days but then eventually seems to come back. I've tried this twice so far and I'm trying not to break my computer more.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem somehow?

It's tolerable but extremely annoying...