Strange refresh issue


Nov 15, 2008
Ok so i've been having a strange issue lately that was possibly caused by my wife downloading a virus from Facebook, but i'm not sure.

My problem is slow minimizing of windows as in I can see it go down in like 5 stages (maybe half a second total time ) and also when moving a window it trails.

Here's what i've found so far...It seems to be somewhat linked to the desktop picture I have selected. If I select a standard wallpaper the trail is noticably smaller. (Note we have a good DSLR so the custom pictures are large files 6+ MB) Could it be an XP setting for desktop cache size or something?

I've tried the basics like reinstalling the newest video driver after using driver sweeper and making sure all my refresh rates are correct. So i'm at a loss as to what to try next.

System specs
Intel E6750 @ 3.55
Nvidia 8800GT With 185.85 drivers
4 Gb DDR2 @ 444mhz

Thanks for any help!