Strangest question you EVER seen...

Also I've heard some bad things about the XFX from a forum member, and he didn't get good customer support when trying to get his issue fixed, so bad was the experience that it was returned and he's now an 'anyone but XFX' guy.

And as he mentioned, double lifetime really doesn't mean much compared to other's 3 year warranty. It's interesting for re-selling quickly, but not for owning yourself.

If you check on New Egg they usually show the Bundles that are on this side of the pond, and likely would be what you would see in the UK.

The reviews with all the packages side-by-side are usually a few months after launch.

I would also think the bundles will get better in a few weeks once the initial launch frenzy has quieted (when people don't care they just want one now Now NOW !!). I would suspect that they will have good bundles to differentiate themselves during the Xmas shopping period.