Stuck on "Loading operating system..." boots only in Linux

Aug 5, 2018
I am facing a very weird situation.

Gigabyte motherboard, model Z68X-UD4-B3.

Every time I try to boot the screen get stuck in this screen, with the blinking cursor.

I tried to boot with HD, Windows USB installation Pendrive without success...

The only way I have been able to boot was using a USB Ubuntu preinstalled.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any suggestion.
1. Do you have Fast Boot enabled?
2. How long do you wait at the blinking cursor? If you wait long enough it might continue on to Windows.
3. Do you have Halt On set to No Errors in the BIOS?

Halt On
Allows you to determine whether the system will stop for an error during the POST.

All Errors: Whenever the BIOS detects a non-fatal error the system boot will stop.
No Errors: The system boot will not stop for any error.
All, But Keyboard: The system boot will not stop for a keyboard error but stop for all other errors. (Default)