Question suggestions about buying an external blu-ray writer

Feb 1, 2014
i recently purchased a laptop, but it came with no optical drive. i am looking to purchase [during thanksgiving ( in USA) or UK or Singapore] through friends, an external blu-ray writer capable of reading and burning CD, DVD, BR (single-, double-, triple- quad-layer) discs, ultra-HD blu-ray discs, 3D blu-ray discs and optionally HD-DVD (with M-Disc compatibility for each of these type of discs). the interface should be USB 3.0 or faster.

BTW, how can i create (burn) UHD 4k BR discs using such a burner? do i need special discs for this purpose or are normal BR discs sufficient for this? please enlighten me.

and i also need to buy 25-50 blank blu-ray discs that have long-life and low-cost as possible.

expert suggestions for buying these with appropriate links are requested. many thanks in advance :)