Swapping partitions


Feb 7, 2007
I'm using a P965-DS4.
Have 2 SATA HDDs. Drive with boot partition has XP on and is SATA. There is one other partition on that disc. Second drive has Vista on and dual boots. It is SATA II and also has a second paritition.

Anyone suggest the best way to do the following

I want to move my Vista partition to my SATA II drive and my XP partition to my SATA drive and keep the dual boot. I don't really care which drive has the boot partition as I guess that doesn't affect anything.

No RAID, AHCI currently disabled - but would like to enable it but sounds too tricky, so will probably live without.

I know this is not really Gigabyte related, but you are a helpful bunch.

I have access to Norton Ghost, Acronis Drive Suite and Partition magic, though I don't think many of them like the format of the vista partition. All else is NTFS.

I want to do this as my SATA II drive outperforms my SATA drive and I would like the faster drive running Vista.